Meditation can help relieve stress and improve cognitive function

Published Date 5/25/2012
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Meditation can help relieve stress and improve cognitive function

If you are constantly on the go and have little time to take care of yourself, you may begin to feel the physical and mental side effects sooner rather than later. However, one tactic is helping more people refresh their mind, body and spirit - meditation.

This practice of relieving the mind and peacefully relaxing has been helping people unwind for years. Now, researchers are beginning to hone in on the definitive benefits of meditation. reports that recently, a study examined high-tech firm workers from Madison, Wisconsin, to determine the power of meditation. Sixteen people were used as a control group, while 25 were asked to practice meditation for eight weeks. Three different brain scans revealed that those who meditated showed more activity in the left lobe of the brain - this signified that they were calmer and happier.

The Transcendental Meditation Program has found that those who meditate also have better memory and cognitive function. Speak to a psychic if you are concerned about your stress levels. A psychic chat may be able to help you identify areas of your life that cause you anxiety.

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