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Date 9/25/2021
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How do you celebrate the energy of the autumn season?

How do you celebrate the energy of the autumn season?

Welcome to autumn, the season where the leaves change, the weather gets colder, and the animals start preparing for when resources become scarce. It is also a time of holidays, harvesting the last items from the fields, and really settling into the feeling of rest and shelter.

The energy that each season brings influences our moods and how our energy reacts. My hope is that I can help you figure out how you can use the energy of this season and ideas on how to redirect it in the best way for you.

Let Nature Guide the Way

Every season, earth gives us the hints on what we should focus on. You can see how in nature the world prepares for the darker and colder months. If we follow the natural influence, we will truly understand and use the energy as it was intended.

The Trees

We all know that the leaves change color and then fall. Trees begin the process of hibernation during the autumn, to conserve their energy and survive until the warm weather comes back. As a part of that survival, they need to get rid of items that will take the energy that they need from them. So, they cut off the energy to the leaves, and eventually the leaves will then fall away leaving the tree bare. Knowing that leaves do come back in the spring, it isn’t a permanent loss, but it is necessary. Much like the tree, this is a time to get rid of things, people, or behaviors that will not serve you. This would be a time to really take inventory and declutter.

The Animals

Animals, much like the trees, are preparing for the wintertime, packing away things that they could use to survive while resources are scarce. Even when they don’t hibernate, they know they will need to adapt and prepare so that they can last. This does not mean that you need to buy all the items in the store to last you for months so you never have to go back, but that you buy with intention and store with intention, knowing what you need for these colder months. Take inventory of the items that you use for the colder seasons, such as clothes, boots, decorations, and other seasonal items. Really look at what would be needed or wanted during this time so that you may be able to grab it before the winter. Treat the energy as if you would also be hibernating, that way during the winter you are not attempting to seek for resources during a time where your energy is no longer in stockpiling mode.

The Fruits and Vegetables

Look at what grows and is harvestable during the fall season. Apples, squash, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, turnips, cranberries and more. Most of the seasonal fruits and veggies have a similar root growth, whether it is the tree or bush or if they are root veggies themselves. It shows that this is the time to really get into the base or foundation in your life. Really get to the “root” of what needs to change or be fixed. It would be easier to fix the foundational issues of yourself, your work, your family or wherever you are finding struggles in your life. If you can catch the problems and fix the cracks it just makes things sturdier and better for you.

Prepare to Hibernate for Winter

If we all treat our world like we are getting ready to hibernate, we will find ourselves feeling more secure. Getting rid of the items you do not want to get stuck with during the winter and bringing in what you would need for the rest of the cold season. Now as someone who lives in the United States, we also find that what Autumn means to us will mean something different than someone who is experiencing autumn in another country. And if you look, you also find that you will have different cultural differences than another state or even the city.

The Energy of Autumn Celebrations

Look around your community and find what kind of celebrations or what kind of work gets done during the autumn months, especially if it reaches a multitude of people. Here in the states, most public schools will start the new school year in the autumn time (sometimes it’s late summer, but the bulk of the new school year still takes place in autumn). Getting stable at the beginning of the school year is very affective on the energy that is the autumn season.

Questions to ask so that you can really direct the energy:

What kind of holidays do you celebrate during the autumn time?

Are you someone who celebrates Halloween, American Thanksgiving, or any celebrations during the fall?

What is the theme to each of these holidays?

I find that most events in the United States are based in family and community. Think about ways to boost your family or community during these autumn months, you may find resources or discoveries that you had not seen before.

While you interact with the community, really look around. Look at the colors, breathe in the scents and natural aromas that nature uses. What kind of food are you eating during the Autumn months? What kind of clothing do you wear? Think about everything you use or that becomes a primary form during the autumn months. There is a reason why everyone uses these colors, scent, food or drink. What do they say to you?

All the elements of fall are influencing to the energy that we use. By surrounding ourselves with specific elements, we can inspire the environment and the people in our lives with different intentions. This helps when you find that the energy in the room is off or if you are feeling less than ideal when you wake up in the morning. Look into the symbolism of red or orange, think about what crisp apples help you feel, even fill your home with the smell of pumpkin and see how your mood changes.

Autumn Monthly Forecast

Now that we know what elements and energy influences us during the Autumn months, here is a forecast where you can plan and focus during the months. In my personal experience, the energy is waning this direction so you can maximize your preparations for the winter.

Late September

For September (yes, I know by the time you see this September is over, but you can still do these activities into the other fall months.) Declutter the things that you no longer need in your life. Making room is the best way to know what you will need in the upcoming months, and it is also a good way to get rid of any trash or start getting rid of the behaviors that you don’t want to bring with you.


For October, finish up home projects and get checked up. After decluttering and making room, now focus on really cleaning up and work on the items. This could be physically building something, making sure that your body is ready for the upcoming months and just to make sure there is nothing wrong that you have missed in your life. Before you fill back up, make sure you have no leaks.

November/Early December

For November and early December, acquire what you will need for the cold months. Now we start to store up. We have thrown out, we made sure that we don’t have any leaks, and now we can fill back with what we need. Don’t think about what you would like, really focus on the needs first. The wants will make space in your home when you want them hard enough

Winter comes rather quickly, we are always wanting to be prepared, thus we have autumn to help us prep, so that we can keep warm and toasty when the weather outside is rough.


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Danica has been an active Divinator since 2012, but before then had always had a connection to the energies that she utilizes in her work. Currently studying Philosophy, and Religious Studies to better her skills, she uses Tarot, Runes, and intuition to assist others. When she isn’t working or studying, she spends time with her family and friends and surrounds herself with nature to recharge and connect to the energy around her./p>


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