Manifesting Your Deepest Desires

Published Date 6/24/2018
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Start each day with positive thoughts!

We as individuals are loving and kind… or are we? Why do we self-sabotage? Why is it so easy to judge, look down on someone or fail?  Ask yourself this… How much do we truly love ourselves? How much are we willing to turn the other way when "bad" is happening in our lives?  People always ask me, "how are you so free spirited?" and "Why are you not worried?" See, it's not that you shouldn't worry or have fear. It's that you believe, trust and have faith. Having faith truly means you know, without a doubt, things will work out. Believing is that you “know” 100% it will work out and having trust is “trusting” that things will work out.  It’s a subtle, but important difference. 

It's Up to You!
Manifesting your deepest desires, will bring joy, happiness, relief and positivity in your life. For someone to have exactly what they want is different than someone having what they need. You see, God will always provide; however, it is up to us to manifest our deepest desires. What you think and speak about, you will most certainly bring about.

Manifesting our deepest desires will turn our way of thinking around. It doesn't matter what other people think about you, we are not here to judge others and we are certainly not supposed to look down on others. When we have any thoughts of negativity, then things will be negative. Looking down on someone and judging, will most certainly create negative results and will set you up for failure. 

Failure is not possible when you manifest your deepest desires.
It’s all in how we take the challenges that are thrown at us. Now to tie this in all together, when we let go, we eliminate the failure process. 

Live Your Life
The key in life is not to just get by but to "LIVE LIFE." What we mean by that is, "LIVE YOUR LIFE."  Manifest your deepest desires by creating a positive life, believing, trusting and having faith in yourself. 

  • Forget the past. 
  • Don't live in the past. 
  • Certainly, do not hold on to the past. 
  • The past is just that, "PAST."

Start each day by telling yourself, how beautiful you are. Think and speak of positive things. Create and manifest your deepest desires. 

You ARE worthy. 

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