Manifesting: Removing Blocks in Your Path

Published Date 7/18/2012
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When you first start working towards setting an intention, manifesting can feel like something of a foreign concept.

When you first start working towards setting an intention, manifesting can feel like something of a foreign concept.  The spirituality of the mind is almost limitless in its potential.  What holds one back from actualizing one's dream is being unable to conceptualize life without limits.  Self-confidence plays a role in this process.   Some have called it positive vs. negative thinking but let's focus in on one aspect of that:  the idea of self-forgiveness.

Often one of the most challenging things to do while undergoing spiritual growth is forgiving yourself. The perfectionist in you can be harder on yourself than anyone else around you.  Part of creating a positive future is letting go of the past. Focus on who you are now and look with joy to manifesting the reality that you are to become. You are a sparkling spirit a brilliant creation of the universe! You are deserving of the life that you want and the universe wants to support you in your efforts to move forward.  Moving forward means putting the past down and letting disappointment go. The emotion itself can hold you back from the joy of the future because it drives you to dwell in the past.  But how does one let go of that hurt?

Just like you can visualize an intention for the future to help manifest something you are asking the universe for, I believe you can set the intention to leave past fears and hurt behind.  Think of a color that you enjoy a favorite color that makes you smile. Starting at the crown of your head, imagine this beautiful  gentle colorful light washing positive energy over you, through you from the crown of the head, to the throat, through the heart center, down both arms, shining out through the tips of your fingers as healing energy. Light glowing through the soles of the feet like roots into the ground, bathing loving positive energy all around you.

Think of all the times you have felt like something you did wasn't enough, or choices that could have been different.  Let the radiant sparkling light wash over these times and let them go.  Watch in your mind's eye as you let the hurt go and replace it with loving gentle joyfully colored light. Take a few deep breaths concentrating on how good it feels to let that feeling go- it is no longer with you.  Focus on the beautiful light surrounding you. Then open your eyes. Today is a bright new day full of positive energy. Enjoy the day!

Wishing you lots of love and light on your heart's journey!

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