Manifest Your Intentions for the New Year

Published Date 12/29/2018
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What is the difference between intention manifestation and setting goals?

When it comes to making substantial life changes, we often think of the New Year's holiday as the perfect time to take the plunge. But setting goals or resolutions, and setting intentions are two very different things. Intention is is the starting point that precedes goal setting. Intentional manifestation is about harnessing your creative power -- getting really clear about your heart's desires, whether for love, self-love, family peace, spiritual awakening, or work you enjoy. Setting intentions is a powerful way to affirm your deepest desires. Once affirmed, they can be releases to the Universe to take root and grow, like seeds planted in fertile ground and you can begin manifesting your intentions quickly.

New Year manifestation through meditation with intention
The starting point to manifest intentions is meditation. While setting intentions for the New Year, it's important to quiet the mind long enough to allow the din of everyday ego chatter to retreat. If you can quiet the mind, you will find that the heart knows what it wants in the broadest, most all-encompassing sense and you will release resistance to allow intent to manifest. For example, your ego may be focusing on how you want to lose weight, how much weight you want to lose, how you feel this is necessary to attract love or improve your sex life, etc. Behind this noisy chatter may be your heart's desire to listen to and honor your body and feel good in your own skin. This is the starting point of intention.

But manifestation doesn't stop there. You have to get so clear that you feel your burning desires, not as plea coming from a place of lacking, but as if you were feeling the feelings of gratitude and expansion as if the desire had already come to pass. What will it feel like when the love of your life appears in the New Year? Allow yourself to notice how wonderful it feels to be loved, cherished and desired. Once you feel the feeling of your intention to find love, let it go. Release the intention with gratitude and faith that it will come to pass. This is the magic of manifesting destiny and the power of intention.

Setting intentions for meditation
1. Find a quiet space and settle in. One suggestion is setting the space with candles and incense. 

2. Get into a comfortable seated position. Propped up with a pillow is fine.

3. Close your eyes and take five deep breaths in and out of your nose.  When you do this, silently say "Inhale calm, exhale stress". 

4. Begin to allow your body to relax and come to a calm, centered place. Choose a mantra to repeat such as "I am love" or "I am peace", this helps keep the mind from wandering as you enter into a meditative state.

5. Begin to visualize white healing light all around you. Feel your heart and connect with it deeply. Send love and healing white light to all parts of your body.

6. Ask Spirit to open your heart space and receive the messages meant especially for you as you open up to your deepest desires.  What do you desire most in your life?  What do you wish to bring into your life?  What is your deepest intention? Continue to breathe in and breath out. Going back to your mantra if your mind wanders.

7. Listen.  What do you hear?  Formulate the intention that feels most in alignment with your life.  Sample intentions:  I intend to live each moment in the present.  I intend to love myself more compassionately.  I intend to be more mindful on how I speak to myself.  I intend to nurture my creativity.

8. Once you have your intention, repeat it over and over in a loving way and then once your are ready surrender your intentions to the Universe. Embrace letting go and be open to infinite possibilities.

9. Now with gratitude and appreciation spend a few more minutes following your breath in and out and gently come back into your body.  When ready open your eyes and take a nice big stretch.

10. Journal.  After your intention setting meditation, take a few minutes and write down anything that you may have experienced that feels connected to your intention.  Examples to reflect on: What can I do today that supports my new intention? How do I feel? What visions did I experience? 

Setting intentions during meditation is an awesome way to connect to your highest self and begin creating the life you desire!

Our Advisors can help with intention manifestation!

If all this sounds a bit esoteric, our Advisors can lead you through the process of how to set an intention for manifestation when you call, chat or get a video reading. Feel free to connect with me or the other gifted Psychic Source advisors if you would like more information on how to set up a daily meditation practice for your self.  We'll help you name what's in your heart in a way that enables the Universe to hear it.  We can also guide you to create the most favorable conditions to release those intentions and look for signs that the Universe has your back.

Happy New Year from Psychic Source

Psychic Source Advisors are committed to helping you become the best version of yourself, and develop within yourself the power to manifest your deepest intentions and desires. With compassion and insight, they will guide you to make the coming year your best year ever. We are here for you, day and night, everyday. Happy New Year, with love and gratitude, from all of us at Psychic Source!


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