Make Your Wishes Come True by Psychic Sara

Published Date 3/12/2013
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Energetically create space for your wishes to come true.

We all have wishes. Wishes for wealth, health, relationships, and happiness. Since none of us are likely to find a genie in a bottle or catch a leprechaun, how can we make our wishes to come true? Though we cannot force things to happen nor control others and situations to get what we want, there are a few ways we can energetically create the space for our wishes to come true:
Set Intentions
Say or write down your wishes in a positive way with a firm belief that they will happen. This will set the intention for your wishes to come true. This positive energy invites good fortune to come your way.
Prayer and Meditation
Say a daily prayer or meditate about what good things you want to come into your life. This will create the mental, emotional, and spiritual space for those good things to come in.
Visualize, fantasize, or daydream about what you wish for in your life to create an energetic imprint – like making a mold so reality can fill it in. Also, if you can “see” what you desire in your mind’s eye, then that creates the energetic space for your wishes to manifest themselves.
Karma and Astrology
Sometimes, however, no matter how beautiful and powerful your intentions, prayers, and visualizations are, your wishes don’t come true. Perhaps karma may first need to be resolved or the Universe may be holding back until the time is right for your wishes to come true. If you provide your birth data, your psychic can look at your chart and the transits of the planets to help discover what sort of karma needs to be resolved and when the auspicious times are for your wishes to come true.

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