Loving and Healing the Inner Child by Psychic Lacey

Date 1/25/2023
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Have you ever spoken to a child and asked them how they feel, what their emotions are, or how they see the world? Most likely no, as children are placed mostly in the space of being the mirror of the guardians they were gifted to. Trauma and pain are part of the process of learning and dealing with the world we live in. We grow up being fearful and follow the map we believe to be true, not the one of our soul, but that of those who were chosen as our guardians.
As a child, you are expected to always be happy, to laugh and have fun, to be told what to do, and to act in a certain way. But you came into this world to be you, to be gently guided but not to lose yourself in the process or to be programmed to be someone you aren’t. Most of the time people are lost, seeking their purpose and finding themselves when they are older. 

Find Your Path Back to Your Inner Child

Due to trauma and pain, so many paths we wish to follow are cut away in fear of judgment or fear that we will not be loved. Our power as a child is taken away, only for us to search for years and years to find ourselves again. The path created runs so deep that we often feel that we are lost on this journey through our shadow selves, searching for the map within.

As we grow older, we realize we have disconnected from the inner child. It feels as though you were suddenly told that you needed to grow up and that you are not a child anymore. You are expected to have responsibilities, face reality, wake up out of some airy-fairy world, and stop going on about the past or the hurt and pain that was felt as a child. At that exact moment, the bond is separated between the adult and the inner child. Wonder and imagination move to the side for some and for others it never returns.

Heal the Past to Alter the Future

Healing the inner child is all about healing the past so that it alters the energy of the future. Healing is instant in the spiritual sense but the physical self and the mind can only accept what it will allow in, hence why healing can take years and years. We can choose how our past defines us.  We hold the key and all we need is to trust how to use it ourselves. 

Heal your inner child. Listen to what your inner child says.

Love your inner child and see how you hold that child so close that the child feels safe, loved, and cared for. Many times, I am asked, why return to the past? Well, simply put my reply is: “In order to heal the present we have to heal the past. When the past is healed, the energy of the future changes and the present guides us to the changes we can make. In order to find our internal map, we have to start at the beginning. In that way, we can rewrite the past to change the future. That is the power we have!”

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Lacey’s experience of working on trauma to assist adults and children over many years have led to the believe and proof that we can alter the past to change the future. Trauma healing is a wonderful gift you can give yourself as you can heal the physical, etheric, astral, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes. Lacey uses meditation as a tool to create internal healing and to create a safe space for deep rooted healing. Lacey feels excited to help and guide, step by step for you to find your map within you. The one your soul and spirit will guide you to find in this lifetime. 


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oceana.princessa: That was wonderful, Lacey. I did not expect it to penetrate my heart but it did...

Tapestry: It hit home.

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