Lifelines Part 5: Yoga as Moving Meditation by Psychic Clare

Published Date 7/9/2013
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Enable yourself to have peace, joy, hope and comfort even during the most difficult times.

The previous four lifeline articles, including Lifelines Part 4: Contemplative Prayer and Meditation, discussed various forms of prayer, both with and without words, as well as how an established daily spiritual practice can connect us to the Divine (whatever that is to each person). This enables us to have peace, joy, hope and comfort even during the most difficult times.

With the exception of oblation (offering ourselves and our good works through physical activity), other forms of prayer and meditation are usually performed sitting down.  The specific posture doesn’t really matter, so long as it’s comfortable, but the spine should be erect for better flow of energy.  You may sit cross-legged on the floor or a cushion, or in a straight-back chair with both feet flat on the floor.  It’s also possible to pray or meditate while lying down, but this can be tricky when you are very tired and liable to fall asleep.

The practice of yoga takes prayer and meditation to another level by involving the entire body, with the focus on the breath.  Instead of just using the voice and/or the mind, one can pray with one’s whole being.  This is not the type of “yoga” that you will find in a gym, which requires gymnastic feats of balance and contortion.  Rather, classical hatha yoga as whole-body prayer involves gentle movement and breathing which can be done by anybody, even someone in a wheelchair.  Involving the whole body is not only physically beneficial because you’re getting gentle exercise while you pray, but it also helps focus the mind, assisting in meditation.  Paying attention to the movement and breathing keeps the mind from wandering, and can be found quite pleasurable.

My teacher, Mark Whitwell, demonstrates this simple yoga practice on YouTube.  There are five parts, the last few containing more difficult postures.  The first part is the most important because it shows you exactly how to do the breathing, which is very specific and essential to the practice.  I would encourage you to learn at least the first part and practice it seven minutes each morning.  It will change your life.  Any questions, please don’t hesitate to call me for a live psychic reading and I can walk you through it.  Enjoy!  
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