Life Between Lives - A Look at What Happens Between Reincarnations by Psychic Radha

Date 8/22/2022
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I discovered I had two twin flames during a hypnotherapy session!

I discovered I had two twin flames during a hypnotherapy session!

The idea of having only one life is enough to become enlightened is rather a limiting idea.  At the tender age of 3 years old, I recalled picking my parents, and the place of birth. There was never a time I did not remember I had been here before at different times, as different sexes within various races and cultures.

The truth for many of us on the spiritual paths is that it takes many life experiences to gain faith, expansive perspective and so forth. That is not the only reason we believe in reincarnation, it’s because we have recalls that can be elicited somatically and during meditations or hypnosis and sometimes just plain flashes of recall out of nowhere.

Flashbacks into Past Lives

These flashes can come when you are walking and suddenly the body in movement transforms into its past life for seconds. I recall walking with a grocery bag thrown over my shoulder and a bag at my side and suddenly my hiking boots rocked like the heels of cowboy boots, and my leggings now felt like low slung jeans over my lean hips and I saw and felt myself, as a young cowboy with a saddle over my shoulder and my saddle bag over my arm walking a long distance, apparently I had lost my horse.

Another flashback, I was crossing the street with my best friend and suddenly she is a male painter in the renaissance period in Italy, she (or should I say he), is wearing a jaunty velvet cap, and I am her patron.  I am a man and we are both laughing at something shared.

A third flashback came to me via a lover. We were both 18.  We eye gazed for hours and suddenly we had a simultaneous past life in Egypt. I will not bore you with the details but suffice it to say that this was the very beginning of my understanding of flashing past lives. When this happens to you don’t shrug it off. Analyze it. Journal it and one day the answer to why that flashback appeared will come to you. 

What are Life Between Lives Techniques?

Many of us remember much, but what if I told you that there is a way to recall your life between your next life?  What if I shared with you the fact that during hypnosis using LBL (Life Between Lives) techniques you can go back and understand exactly why you have chosen the current life you are experiencing?

During the mid-1980s, Dr Michael Newton, a devout Atheist was working with a client on past trauma.  When he pushed the client to go all the way back to their trauma, nothing was revealed. Then Dr. Newton, prompted the client by saying, “Go all the way back to where the trauma first revealed itself to you.” And there is how it all began, the client described the experience of being a soul light being, not yet ready to incarnate but was discussing the trauma that had occurred in a past life with his guide.  This guide was talking to said client and guiding them to understand that taking a new life had to have the purpose of relieving some of these past fears but to face them through a different lens. The guide told the client that they would need to incarnate with the same trauma issues and this time learn how to purge it via a more self-loving approach.  Once the client understood that this was not bad karma but simply a push for them to learn once and for all the life lesson, they were able to understand the steps they needed to take to heal. This session healed the client of the baggage that had kept them from accessing their power.

At first, Dr Newton thought it might be a fluke but time over time as he used the same method that launched the first client back into and LBL state, he saw that every client who came to such a session experienced very similar occurrences.  It was then that Dr. Newton was transformed from an Atheist to a more spiritual person realizing that there was much more to the 3D perspective that seemed too limited. Over time, he devised a method that is now being taught worldwide via the His books explore his client’s experiences and offer huge ideas about our collective and individual purpose.

My Family Reunion - Stories of Reincarnation

Last year, I lost my husband of 30 years. Though we had been separated, our twin flame bond was still super strong.  I wanted to know why our separation had occurred to assuage my guilt for leaving him.  I was brought into a meditative state whereby I immediately showed up at “the great hall” for the lack of a better way to name it.

I was barefoot and wearing robes. Immediately to my right, I saw what appeared to be a Jesus figure. Which was a shock, as I am not Christian. I saw this person and told my Hypnotherapist that indeed there was a man who seemed to look like Jesus, but I could not be sure. He wore white robes with a light blue robe. I saw people milling around and walking up and down quartz crystal staircases that seemed to go on forever. 

My LBL hypnotherapist said, “Maybe he is your guide. Go ask him if there is a place you must go.” I approached the Jesus like figure, and he pointed to the stairs but then said telepathically, you are not yet ready to go there. For a few seconds, I panicked with the thoughts, am I being blocked? OMG am I that bad? But suddenly I was sitting overlooking six gargantuan waterfalls and everything was white, covered in snow. I was sitting to the Jesus figure whose eyes were blue but actually were blue like a sky moving with white clouds. He kept looking away from my gaze aware that his eyes distracted me.

“May I see my husband?” I asked. Suddenly, he showed me a tiny little brown baby in the palm of his hands and before I knew it – all the snow had melted. It was a perfect spring day, this guide disappeared and there was my titanic husband looking his most beautiful. He looked like he was 30, in his prime, fit and happy.

He held me and kissed my cheeks, my third eye. I was sobbing as he held me in his arms. Telling me that our life had run its course perfectly. All the self-loathing, all the self-sabotage, had been purged and that my leaving him had made him deal with the biggest fear of that life, abandonment.  He kept holding me and told me that we would reincarnate as beloveds in a couple more incarnations of separation, but that he would see me when I was ready to cross over and that we would spend time together before it would be his time to incarnate while I stayed behind.

He had incarnations to experience and I would not be a part of them. To trust that this time, these separations were necessary and that he loved me, and he would love me across time and space. Then our son appeared first as a 13-year-old. We stood like a circle of love hugging each other. Then my son showed himself as the beautiful grown man that he is now, and we hugged again as a family. We, all three of us, are soul connected. It was a joyous, unbelievable reunion of our family.  

"Are you happy?" I asked him. Instead of answering, he showed me turning into a butterfly, then to an eagle, to a lion then back to himself in that life as I remembered him. Without saying a word, he showed me that not only was he happy, but he was having fun reconnecting to this true self of being a creator (which you will read about in Dr. Newton’s books). It made my heart just explode with joy. I should clarify that no words were ever used. All communication was done via thought forms of images to answer my questions.

Our Two Twin Flames

Then my husband shared that we both had two twin flames, I was his twin and he had another and I had another twin as well so four in total twin flames were part of our deep soul connection. My hypnotherapist asked if he would be ok with me having a beloved for the rest of my life. My husband said that he would help me find the right man. That I needed to experience a love that would heal what was left to heal. I saw my husband as he had been in that life so that I would find comfort in him. But what was the strangest is that I got to see my true spirit self, and I heard my true spirit name spoken to me.

I had long, curly, red hair (auburn streaks) that flail past my hips in huge, rich waves. I had green eyes that turned brown and back again, thick high auburn eyebrows, a small nose with a smattering of freckles. It was a beautiful face which surprised me because I am exotic, not at all the Celtic type. But that was my true “spirit” form. I asked in wonder, I have red hair!? He laughed, you’ve always had red hair, this is your true self.

I wept with tears of gratitude and tears of relief – all the negatives that had happened between us had been to burn super heavy Karma. My guide disappeared.  As my LBL Hypnotherapist asked me if it might be time to go visit my toxic ex.  I wanted to spend more time with my husband. He held me in his arms and we hugged and shared images of the life we had shared, of the lives we had shared in past lives.

Suddenly, I was transported to this past ex-lover, and got to see that we had lives many lives on other planets, as various species. I also was shown how toxic some souls can be and that quite often negative behaviors are not just connected to one life but can follow a person through many incarnations.  I was so overwhelmed by the dense energy around this ex that I had to leave. I asked my ex why we had been incarnated to meet in this life. He told me that I was his love Guru, that he had meant it, but he also said that he wanted to be alone, that he needed no one to teach him anything. He fiercely sat in a jungle of wild foliage and wanted nothing to do with me. He wanted to be left alone. His own self-loathing was so overwhelming that it felt as if the oxygen had just gone out of the room. I began sobbing. Why are you doing this to yourself? Why are you alienating yourself to love? But he wouldn’t answer, his head bowed in meditation. Being in his presence made my toxic ex send negative energy to me which actually covered over my golden, violet aura with a dark gunky matter, which was miraculously cleaned by little angelic beings. It was clear that if I were to stay longer, it would darken my soul. I left abruptly choking with sobs and gasping for breath.

I now stood before the quartz crystal staircase because I was allowed to make my way up the staircase. I looked down at my bare feet and saw nebulas, gases, beautiful colors of indigo, sunsets of magenta, orange, gold and purple moving beneath my bare feet. To my right, I saw a 5-year-old girl running to me and she jumped into my arms. It was my grandmother! I recognized her instantly. She was so excited to see me, we hugged. She slipped out of my arms and ran back to where she had come from. She was part of my soul family.

I made it to the top and saw the face of Krishna appeared like a sun rising and then turn into a hawk and then into deep dark space. I was at the landing when a woman from another species approached me. She was statuesque with a head shaped like what appeared to be a high turban. She was not human. Her skin moved with stars and constellations and planets as if someone had cut her out of space and fashioned her thus. She sized me up I cannot reveal what she said here but suffice it to say, our ascension is going according to plan. Everyone who is dropping their bodies now are doing what they need to do and those of us with our own thoughts and opinions on other matters are playing our roles well.  No one is making a mistake, was the message. She moved away so I could meet my actual guide, who was a Titan with long white hair down to his ankles. His message was very powerful to me, but I will end my own personal experience here, as there were too many messages to share.   

Past Lives on Other Planets?

We are energy beings, multidimensional beings and some of us are starseeds which means, we have had past lives on other planets. My LBL practitioner told me that about 30% of his clients experience having had lives on other planets as other species. He shared that one client looked down at her hands and saw very long fingers with only three fingers. She could not believe it. It seems that the disclosure we have been waiting for is this, many of us have had past lives in other realms.

Many of your questions about your life purposes, your regrets, and your soul connections with others can be answered via the LBL method. Past lives give you a brief glimpse through the limitation of one lens which is that past life whereas LBL offers you a more expansive landscape of what drives you and how to honor your life path. LBL also adds a sense of fierce drive to make things happen in your life, but most importantly it gives you a sense of forgiveness for yourself.

My LBL session ended with the fact that because I was honoring my life path, that my desires would come true.  I was even told when I would go back home. The LBL journey was the most healing, beautiful experience which I was able to a voice recording of the whole session, which lasted 5 hours. The more I listened to my session, the more I took away from it.

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Radha has known of her past lives since she was 3 years old when she recalled picking her parents. She is Reiki Master, a womb healing facilitator and a Tantric coach. Nothing pleases her more then reading for people. She is also a published author and visual artist. Radha has a passion for nature, gardening, hiking and playing her Shamanic drum and Shruti. She is a big believer in sound frequency, lives a Vegan lifestyle and mediates and chants every single day.


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