Letting go and letting God

Published Date 11/24/2012
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God works in our lives through other people

I want to share a very spiritual experience I had when I was in my early 30's. I have two children - a daughter named Amber who was 10 at the time, and a son, Nicholas who was 7.  I was up early getting them ready for school. I also had a early appointment to speak with Nicholas's teacher that day.  At that particular moment in my life I had a active personal relationship with God, I would walk around the house and talk to him out loud.  The kids were used to it and sometimes talked out loud to him as well. 

But this morning was different.  I was upset with God.  I am a very vain person. How I looked was awfully important to me. For some strange reason I broke out into open, ozzing sores all over my face. That morning when I looked into the mirror I thought I looked like a freak of nature.  I sat down on the toliet and began to cry.  My daughter understood. She quietly walked over to me and said, "If I could go for you I would Mom, but you have to go to this meeting and I think you are beautiful!  That made me smile and gave the courage to get up and get ready.  I dressed really nicely, try to cover up the mess but really there was no covering it.  And so I set out for my meeting, fussing at God the whole way, saying, "I can't believe you are sending me out looking like a freak of nature!" 

I got to the school, slammed the car door and started walking up to the school with my head down, so very aware at how awful my face looked.  As I looked up, I saw a very young, good-looking man. He looked up at me and his draw dropped down. He said, "You're beautiful!"  He looked around nervously, his face turning red from embarassment and said, "I don't normally say that to women, especially on school grounds."  He quickly walked away. I was stunned.

I went on to my appointment. I got in my car after the meeting and started to laught saying, "Okay I get it God, beauty is on the inside."  I was laughing so hard and enjoying the lesson that God had shown me. So I said to God,"while you're working mircicles in my life, how about you fix this carborator problem I'm having with this car for a little of nothing?"

About 2 seconds after I said that, I wanted to get a soda before going home, so I stopped at a coke machine outside the grocery store. I got out my car and left it running and I got my coke. There was an old black man leaning on the coke machine and I said "Hi,how ya doing?"  He smiled at me and handed me a card. He said "I live on a fixed income but I can fix that carborator problem you've got for a little of nothing."  I was floored. That man must of have thought I was crazy, but I just couldn't stop laughing as I took his card and thanked him. 

God works in our lives through other people. Miracles can and will happen. And to this day I have never broken out like that again! I testify that this story is real and it happened excatly the way I told it. 

Many blessings.

Author's Photo by Tina Lee x8443


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