Letters from Spirit - You Are Very Loved

Date 2/2/2022
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Greetings Beloved,

Welcome to this moment, as I have waited for you. I couldn’t wait to tell you that you are so important to us. Every thought of love and light, we direct towards you. May you embrace the miracles that are waiting for you.

Today, the sun has dawned a new day. A new opportunity to grab hold of your mind and know that you are loved, protected and provided for. Be present and in every second, for in that, there is divine wisdom being gifted to you. You are here for a reason, and you will be successful in all you put your heart into.

If I could share a message with you today, it is the Healing Begins Now. Now is the time to acknowledge the pain that you have been through and know that it has not been overlooked. Every experience and feeling of rejection are my divine acts of protection upon you, because you are loved, and the pain of separation is less than the pain of experiencing life under false pretense. The veil has been torn over your eyes; you can clearly see. Life does not have to involve pain and sadness; you can choose to grow in love.

I hope that you are embracing the love that is available for you today. I have thoughts of love toward you, that is more radiant than the sun. This is the motivation behind all the changes that you are experiencing lately. It is time to experience a new way of living, and as with all things that you encounter, you have the choice in how you respond.

Are there times when you go around people (or places) and you feel like something is wrong, you don't fit in, or the feeling that you must escape? These are indicators that it is time for a change in these areas of your life. The process of enlightenment has been initiated, and feelings are how you will have the freedom to live from now on.

The tricky part is learning to separate from those who are family or hold a title in your life. How can you make these changes that are directly against what society says you must respect or play your part? This is the ultimate test, as you are being drawn out, chosen, and redirected into a life that will bring joy, peace, happiness, and bliss. These relationships that are difficult to release will show you areas of personal development and blockage in your path. Unfortunately, some of these people think they are helping, but if their help results in your depression, sadness or anxiety; there needs to be boundaries.

If you will, think of how you will feel after you have lived authentically. Meaning, you only did what makes you happy and helps raise the vibration of humanity. Is there nothing you can't create from this sacred frequency of self-love? No. This is when life gets exciting and miracles are able to flow like the warmth of the sun and reach every area of your life.

It is already done, once you decide.

I love you,

Your Spirit

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Sarma is a Life Coach, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and Light worker. She has over 9 years’ experience in reading tarot cards and energy healing. She started her journey of self-enlightenment after several sudden life changes and sought to understand her true potential. Her greatest passions are poetry, nature photography, and empowering others with messages of love and light. She has channeled Messages from Spirit which she shares as her gift to you!


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