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Date 2/2/2022
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Greetings Beloved,

May the love of Source reach the abyss within. Today is the best day to discover your truth and live in the freedom of release. There is a greatness that has been locked away for too long now, and it is time to meet your magnificent eternal flame. Flames present themselves in ways unique to you, as we are all different, yet connected in this essential moment. You are exactly where you are supposed to be, right now, doing the things you are supposed to do.

As you continue down this path of enlightenment, I wanted to bring you messages of Love, Light and Direction. Your recent past might have been filled with pressure, hurt, isolation and trauma in order for you to understand what is happening now. These experiences that we walked through are meant for you, as a way to show you how strong and resilient you are. There is a power within you that cannot be crushed by any force of darkness. It is written that all your time of pain will cause for a great awakening of our connection and the path few have traveled. The very fact that you are here now, is proof, that the time is now.

We welcome you with an openness that defies all reality and your current understanding of love itself. How can one place a human definition on love, when a universal energy is calling you forth? Human love is filled with various experiences, thoughts and programs that all serve self. Universal love is for the greater good of all humanity and does not limit its love due to actions, words or feelings. It is free and ever-lasting.

Clues that you are being guided will occur in synchronic events where it is like the world is reading your thoughts. Which it is beloved, you are a creator; as you think, it will be created for you in similar events until you take back your power.

To take back your power, start by standing in your truth and speaking your truth about how you feel. Avoid the thoughts and perceptions of negative people around you as your paths are different and this clearing is happening for you to see how powerful you are. Once you practice and live Self Love, you will see spectacular changes that will make you ponder why it took you so long to make the prompted changes.

Affirm with me:

I am on the right path. Everything is happening for my highest good.
I am separated, but not cast out. Love is surrounding me always. I am being led in love. My heavenly host is protecting me and removing all that no longer serves me.

Your Spirit

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About the Author
Sarma is a Life Coach, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and Light worker. She has over 9 years’ experience in reading tarot cards and energy healing. She started her journey of self-enlightenment after several sudden life changes and sought to understand her true potential. Her greatest passions are poetry, nature photography, and empowering others with messages of love and light. She has channeled Messages from Spirit which she shares as her gift to you!


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