Let's make the holidays last all year by Psychic Renee

Published Date 12/23/2012
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

The unexpected gift means a lot

Why is it that we so often are able to conjure up the generosity, optimism, love and good will toward others during the holiday season but after the holiday season tend to put it all back in the box with the holiday decorations and feel that it just isn't there any more when it was only by our own choice that we packed it away? The Christmas movies all show the great deeds we're capable of when focusing on the season but why not make it a year-round effort?

I find my own life is so deeply transformed by focusing on giving and love every day. Of course some days are harder than others. We're living within this human experience where egos butt heads but I find when I take the same energy I put out during the holidays and apply it to the Grinches in my day-to-day life that I get a completely different response from those who may have, at first, wanted to be a negative in my life.

One of the many ways in which I use this energy is in a surprise little gift giving. People expect things of you during the holidays but are quite taken aback when they receive a little something from me "just because." These things are never big, a thinking of you card, a baked good I know they love, a compliment of any kind or, more importantly, an act rather than an item, such as an errand for someone overwrought with burdens or stressed with health issues. In other words, those things you would do during the holiday season without a second thought but then shut yourself down from the day after the wrapping paper, punch bowl and silver are packed away.

These little "gifts" make others feel the world they live in is a good place and, oftentimes, those who are normally cranky and grumpy usually can't help but change their frown into a smile. This doesn't only make the world a better place for them.  It does for me too.  Maybe this is a little selfish when you really think about it but, hey, any day I can feel my heart grow 10 sizes when feeling the love that comes with the giving, I start to wonder, "Before this loving gesture, just who really was the Grinch?"

Bring on the holidays but don't put season after the word holiday. Let's make it year round - for all our sakes!

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