Learning to accept change and truth

Published Date 7/31/2012
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

People ask for the truth but it may not be what they really want to hear.

People are always excited about a new baby, vacations, and large sums of money or even a visit from an old relative or friend. The reality is that our minds are subject to be more excepting of all good things but never any bad news. People ask for the truth, but is the truth always what they "really" want to hear?
I've found that people normally know the answers to most of their questions before they ask others, but with just a little thing called "hope" if they can get you to say something different or better, then that tends to softens things for them. I like the idea of being open and honest and at times it feels more like a curse, I grew up hearing that honesty was always the best policy. Well I guess in that policy it failed to mention that people are often left with a bitter taste in the mouth towards honest folks.
Does the truth really hurt?
Well in some cases it does but if you’re a smart person you will eventually come to your senses and except what is, figure it out, fix yourself and move forward. Relationships are the touchiest subjects; there is always someone that feels that they can change someone else. Well newsflash "you can't" love is not about changing the other person it's about learning and excepting each other. If there are too many differences and it's too much for you to handle then the best thing for you to do is take some time and find yourself first before you try to find someone else.
As I stated earlier truth and change may be hard to hear, but accepting them is something that one "MUST DO.”

Talk to Omara today to learn how best to accept the people and situations in your life.

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