Law of Attraction and Increasing Spiritual Awareness

Published Date 8/12/2012
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As we know the law of attraction works in both ways positive and negative.

We have all heard a lot about the law of attraction, some from books or seminars, some from friends and others may have heard, but aren’t sure what it’s all about. 

So what does the law of attraction really mean and how does it tie in to spiritual awareness?

The four lower bodies and our chakra system play a big role on what we attract and allow into our lives.  They are: The super conscious mind, The conscious mind, The sub conscious mind and The unconscious mind.

The super conscious mind is your divine consciousness and divine connection to your thought process.
Your conscious mind is your mental/ego brained mind that questions and reasons things.
Your sub conscious mind is your astral/emotional body.  It makes records of positive and negative thought patterns and reactions of the mind.
Your unconscious mind is the physical body.

To create success in all areas of our lives, all parts of us must be in unison to positively attract the things we want and need. When they aren't flowing together, the law of attraction plays a sort of teeter totter effect and we’re able to attract positive and negative. This can manifest the one step forward, two steps back feelings.

Stepping into the oneness of your soul and your physical self is important to growing your spiritual awareness.
As we know the law of attraction works in both ways positive and negative. Finding your divine plan and connecting with your higher self is vital to the next phase of your life.  Learning to reprogram your mind to believing the success within is tied to your divine consciousness.

If you have had a lot of negative inner self talk then you can use positive affirmations to shift the consciousness of your sub conscious.

I AM Success in my super conscious mind   x3
I AM Success in my conscious mind   x3
I AM Success in my sub conscious mind   x3
I AM Success in my unconscious mind   x3

These will awaken your heart and mind to the divine plan you have come to fulfill. Always being focused on one specific area to be successful will only create imbalance within your energy chakras. We must learn to balance all areas of success.

Success in our divine plan Success in love, relationships, career and money.

Food for thought:  If you’re not in flow with your spirit and your divine plan, how can your expectations to have success in all other areas of your life even be existent?



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