Knowing Your Life Purpose Is Powerful by Psychic Molly

Date 8/26/2021
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Do you know your life purpose? It may surprise you!

Do you know your life purpose? It may surprise you!

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All throughout your life you receive hints and glimpses of your life purpose.  Unfortunately, a lot of us do not recognize these for what they are, and most people do not consciously realize what their life purpose is. While you may have a sense of what your life purpose is, getting a specialized psychic reading can help confirm it. Consciously knowing your life purpose gives you a new perspective on what's really important in your life. When your life purpose is a high priority you will find life more joyful and easy.

What is a Life Purpose? 
Before your soul incarnates into a new human experience it sets out some goals and things it would like to learn and experience in this new life. Often you have one central life purpose and then one or more secondary reasons for being here too. Your life purpose is not synonymous with career and work, but knowing your life purpose can help direct you towards the most meaningful and fulfilling work or career for you.

Your life purpose might surprise you, and when you recognize what it is you will be able to look back over your life and see how it was there all along. Whatever your life purpose is, you have a lot of support in accomplishing it from your higher self, guides and other helpers in spirit. In fact, you could say it's their "job" to support your life purpose, that's what you all agreed to before you incarnated.

Satisfy Your Soul
Your natural inclination is to be living your life purpose, but through human fears and conditioning we sometimes grow disconnected from that natural state. When you know your life purpose, you can begin to give it the priority it deserves in your life, and this is deeply satisfying to your soul. Your overall joy and ease in life increases as you align with your purpose and intention for being here and living the life you are now living.

A Life in Review
Before getting a life purpose reading, you may find it useful to sit down and just do a mini life review on your own. Get a paper and pen and reflect on your life and see what themes you identify. Try pretending that you are a stranger looking at your life and write down any events or experiences that stand out to you. Doing this will help you to go into a life purpose reading with some of the key experiences in your life already identified, and those experiences are often like puzzle pieces that will fit together perfectly when you know your life purpose!

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