Knowing an Empathic Connection by Psychic Gemini

Published Date 8/25/2018
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Promise, this makes sense if you read the article!

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How does it feel to be empathic? 

The best way I can describe how each psychic reads into a situation or person is different for each psychic. I will paint a picture to give you a better idea. If you were to blindfold ten psychics in a room and place an elephant in that room without telling them; each and every one of them would give a different experience that would be perceived by their individual third eye (psychic eye). This takes time and energy. An empathic psychic would pick up on the emotions or feelings surrounding the elephant and its feelings of ten psychics being in the room with it.

Most empath’s experience intense emotions at a very young age. Sometimes as children, parents will notice their child will be more sensitive than other children. Certain experiences and areas of large populated groups of people can often be overwhelming for them. 

During a reading or upon initial contact it takes a few minutes for that empathic psychic to register the information coming through from that individual they are reading for. I often explain to my clients to take a deep breath and close their eyes to clear out their worries about their concerns as I don’t want to pick up on their anxiety and give wrong information. Often this can take more than three minutes. If I would sit next to you in person for a reading it takes a few minutes for me to tune in your frequency. 

Try to have an open mind in the gifts of all psychics and know that your emotions and behavior can greatly affect your reading results.

Be blessed.

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