Know Your Worth and Change Your Life

Published Date 9/10/2018
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A happy life starts with liking yourself first

Self-worth impacts every area of your life, and low self-esteem can be damaging. On the flip side, knowing your value changes your life dramatically. Here's how a healthy sense of self-worth can improve your life and relationships.

Increased Optimism

Engaging in negative self-talk often results in depression. If you don't feel good about yourself, it's hard to feel good about anything in life. Pessimism goes hand-in-hand with low self-esteem. The good news is you can change this. Sometimes, negativity becomes a habit. As with any habit, it can be broken. Become aware of your thoughts and replace them with positive ones. It won't be easy in the beginning — you'll have to fake it till you make it. Once you do, though, the needle on your happiness meter will skyrocket.

Improved Self-Image

Women, in particular, feel they fall hopelessly short of the media's portrayal of beauty. It leads to a poor self-image. You may think, "If I lose some weight, I'll feel better about myself." The truth is actually the opposite. If your self-worth were higher, you'd accept yourself regardless of the number on the scale. It also means that if there are changes you want to make, you'll take the necessary action rather than bemoaning it. 

Attracting Better Relationships

If you keep falling into unhealthy relationships, a love tarot reading may reveal a hidden sense of self-loathing. It's a cliché, but loving yourself is the first step in finding love. In most cases, those who struggle to find love harbor deep-seated feelings of unworthiness. Reverse this pattern by focusing on your positive traits rather than the negative ones. Everyone has flaws, but your flaws do not define you. Self-assured people know their flaws don't make them unlovable. They approach relationships confidently and without any insecurity. 

Better Decision-Making

Making decisions when you're plagued with self-doubt often results in poor ones. It could even lead to a destructive lifestyle that involves taking drugs or excessive drinking in an attempt to self-medicate. Once you're clear about your values, it's easier to discern good choices from bad ones. You'll also start making decisions that lead to a more successful life, including career decisions like going after a salary that matches your worth. People with a higher level of self-worth achieve greater success. 

Living Authentically

When you know your worth, what others think of you doesn't matter. People-pleasers are always seeking approval from others. The need to be liked drives you to be who you think others want you to be. As a result, you lose yourself along the way. It's time to stop pleasing others and find yourself again. If you feel lost, consult a genuine psychic for some guidance. They may tap into some underlying issues you are unaware of. Living authentically is only achieved when you truly value who you are.

If you've battled low self-esteem most of your life, building up your self-worth will take time. It is, however, the best investment you can make in your life. After all, wherever you go, you take yourself with you. Wouldn't the journey be more pleasant if you liked who you are? 


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