Kindness by Psychic Gen

Published Date 1/28/2013
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Make this year all about kindness

We have a higher level of social anxiety then ever before. We allow media to tell us we are-- too fat or too skinny, or too tall or too inexperienced. Advertising is simply a way to sell us things we don't really need by making us feel insecure if we don't fit the mold. 

For 2013 I would like us all to resolve to change the way we think. Stop looking down on our fellow human beings and start giving them the time of day. It doesn't hurt to respond to a kind greeting. It isn't painful to take ten minutes out of our day to enjoy the birds and the trees outside. No one will be offended if we choose to spend time with our family enjoying a picnic or fishing. 

Being nice to people takes practice. Choosing common sense and manners over what seems easy is hard. But, if we vow to be more mindful and take a second to think before we act, I suggest we will be surprised at how much more kindness and thoughtfulness comes our way.

This year let us all obligate ourselves to be kind to ourselves and our fellow people. We all have to survive on this rock together and why not change someone's moment by changing our own?  I vow we can do this together!

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