Kick Stress to The Curb by Psychic Rowen

Published Date 4/5/2013
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Don't let change stress you out - Embrace it!

I write this to all of you in honor of Ostara (the spring equinox). Ostara is a neo-pagan celebration of the coming spring. The focus of this beautiful festival is on new growth, fertility and the constant transformation of our spirits.
As I consider the themes of this festival, it occurs to me that embracing change is at the heart of Ostara. Change is often at the heart of life’s daily stressors, and guess what folks: stress is not good for the body or spirit.

Every season brings change, and if you allow it, the seasons can be a subtle reminder to allow variation into your life.  Spring, however, is all about change. It is a time for us to come out of our homes after a long winter and see the change that is happening right before us.
Ideally, the habit of staying tucked inside should give way to the exploration of the earth as it blooms once more. Often times, however, instead of going outside and allowing ourselves the time to enjoy our ever-changing world, we keep to our routines and find ourselves in a rut. Then we wonder why we are stressed all the time!

Stress accumulates so quickly in our fast paced world. We sit down on Friday after a long week of work and realize that the week has slipped by in a series of mind numbingly predictable tasks.
For example: Get up, drink a hot beverage, make lunch for the children, make lunch for yourself, go to work, come home, make dinner, watch TV, go to sleep. Start all over again.  My goodness! Do you really want your life to be a series of repetitive tasks?  Of course not.
So I ask, how about mixing it up a bit?

Life is meant to be lived! If you find that your nightly habits are mundane and overly scheduled, MIX IT UP! Take a class on writing, travel, or dance. Go to your local new-age store for their weekly meditation class and meet new people. Join a yoga class, go hiking, or schedule a wine tour.
These kinds of gentle shifts in your routine will help alleviate some of that stress you are feeling. I ask that you try to change your routine one night a week, and watch as your life grows exponentially. Your stress will decrease tremendously! So get out there and explore your little piece of our earth!

Personally, I’ll be spending my evening in a tap dancing class seeing if I can dance like Gene Kelly. Then I’m going to watch Castle because that Nathan Fillion makes me happy. Find what makes YOU happy!

"When in doubt, blame the dark elves.” -Atticus O'Sullivan

Bright Blessings!
Author's Photo by Rowen x7029

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