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Published Date 2/22/2013
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Don't bottle up your feelings

Everyone in this world has some sort of conflict, problem, or issue within their lives. Even psychics! As much as we preach positivity, healing, and laws of attraction, we also have conflicts in our own lives. A lot of times our advice comes from our own healing journey and experiences, as well as the experiences we have seen with our friends, families, and clients. It is all a matter of finding out how to deal with these conflicts that makes all of us who we are. 
Any time a conflict arises, stress follows. All stress is a problem within your mind. You can choose to deal with this stress head on and let it go, or you can choose to hold onto it. It’s best to let go and move forward in life. It seems easy, but when your head is racing and you can’t stop thinking about the problem or issue, you have not resolved it within your mind. Since your mind is directly connected to your body, this affects your health and your energy system. 
The best analogy I can give is a Coca Cola bottle. When the bottle has not been moved, it is still and peaceful. Now, if you pick up this bottle and shake it profusely (just as stress does to our body), it starts to bubble up. Then, when you open the cap, the coca cola spews everywhere. The same principle applies to a problem we keep bottled up inside. However, if you don’t remove the cap and allow the bottle to be still, then the coca cola will return to a peaceful state. It is the same if we resolve and issue, then we can return to our own peaceful state. 
Normally this happens when you don’t have closure from an issue. If you don’t have the closure you are looking for, then it is up to you to accept this fact and resolve the problem within yourself. Meditation can help you to resolve the issue through breathing exercises and a visual of letting the problem go. For me, it helps to put my problem in a balloon and see it float off in the distance. Once it is gone, then it’s up to the universe and out of my hands. By putting the problem in the balloon you are acknowledging that it is there. Then by seeing the balloon float away, you are slowly letting it go. From there, you can put your focus towards a positive future. Each day is a new day, and I highly doubt we all want to end up like the Coca Cola bottle which can burst at any time. 
We are all seeking peace and happiness in our lives and it is up to you to find it! Namaste! 
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