Karma: The Ultimate Credit Card

Published Date 9/17/2012
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The choices we make today will influence what we will have to eventually learn to deal with in this life or the next.

Karma...the ultimate credit card. One pays now or one pays later but payment is always made. So, think carefully when you intentionally try to hurt someone because the one who pays may not always be the one who started the ball rolling. It is also true that the good you do today will have a pay off as well.   Maybe not in this life but it will be less to deal with in the next.

Ever wonder why bad things happen to good people? I know I have thought about this. I really believe that there may be many reasons for this and I will share some of my thoughts with you now.

It could be that before birth, we agree to certain details for the upcoming life. We know what we have to learn in this new life and we agree to try to accomplish this new growth. And, before birth, we choose the family that will help us to accomplish our goals. Unfortunately, once we are born, we don't remember the past life or the lessons that we agreed to learn. So, what happens? We are presented with a life filled with opportunities. The choices we make from early on will determine the ease or difficulty of the path.

Think about that for a moment. Ever hear about the child born to a poor, uneducated family but grew to become a leader within his community? Or a child born to a loving, well-respected family only to become a serial killer? The first child may have chosen to learn from what he heard and saw within his family and then went on to make good choices and thereby made a better life for himself. The second child may have chosen to disregard what he saw and learned from within his family and started on the downward slope making poor choices one right after another.

So, it really comes down to choice. We can only blame genetics, family, friends, etc for so much but then it all comes down to how and why we make our choices. Some of us won't make a choice and continue to stay in situations or with people who don't add a thing to our world. In fact, they take away from our joy. But, they stay because they have allowed themselves to become comfortable in it. How long we will allow negative people or situations to sway our life? Again, the word CHOICE comes alive.

Now, you ask, what has this to do with Karma?  Well, the choices we make today will influence what we will have to eventually learn to deal with in this life or the next.  So, think carefully and dare to make the choices that will bring you peace and joy, now and hereafter.

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Stay well, be happy and make great choices.

Light, Love & Peace,

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