Journey of Self Discovery: Week 6

Published Date 5/12/2014
Category: Health & Wellness

Discouragement is acceptable. Quitting is not!

Not sure what the Journey of Self Discovery is? No problem! Read the introduction and start your journey. 

With every great challenge, especially a life-changing one, there comes a point where you feel like you’ve hit a wall. It’s certainly not getting any easier and you’re just about ready to give up. Don’t!

This is the time for deep reflection. Think about what’s holding you back. Do you have limiting beliefs? 

Here are 3 common roadblocks and how to overcome them:

1. Do you trust yourself?
Often times we have the capabilities to achieve what we want but we don’t believe in ourselves. Use this as a challenge—think, “I am stronger than this! I know I’m better than this!” Use positive affirmations (coming in week 7) to encourage yourself. Only you have ultimate power over your own mind and body. Use it!

2. Are you subconsciously running from yourself?
Many people have dreams of being chased or trying to escape from someone or something. Don’t just ignore these dreams. Instead, look closely at what it is you’re running from. It might help you pinpoint an obstacle you’re facing.

3. Do you have enough time/are you planning accordingly?
Time is a huge roadblock for people but it’s not an excuse. If you can make time to work late on a project, go out with friends, or relax and watch TV, then you can make time for your goal as well. Planning your days or weeks ahead of time will make it a lot harder to back out of a scheduled event. If your goal is to budget money, set a date and time on your phone calendar to sit down and do this. If your goal is to become more physically fit and healthy, set a workout schedule and plan all other events around it.

4. What are your supporting goals?
Sometimes we set ourselves up for failure because our lifestyles don’t support our goals. If you’re not eating healthy but you’re working out more, these activities don’t align. The same idea applies to a goal regarding your love relationship. If one thing you and your partner argue about is chores, your goal might be to communicate better but if you don’t have a goal around who does the chores you’ll still fight about them. Define the issues that are holding you back and set supporting goals.

Stay tuned next week for positive affirmations. Learn how to hold onto positive thoughts when you need them most on your journey.

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