Journey of Self Discovery: Week 1

Published Date 4/7/2014
Category: Health & Wellness

Start your journey today!

What is the Journey of Self Discovery?
Psychic Source is excited to announce a free program  as a part of our 25th Anniversary celebration. We’ve teamed up with a life coach to provide step-by-step guidance on a Journey to Self Discovery. We see this journey as an exciting extension of our psychic services, and offer it as our special gift to you.

Our guiding philosophy
Only you have the power to look within and understand your innermost self. The program is designed to help you meet one specific goal you define for yourself (based on an introspective look at your needs). Over 9 weeks, you’ll learn how to make the most of your one precious life and be truly happy. Speaking with an Advisor is not required, but may help you past speed bumps if/when they occur.

When does it start?
Today! Every Monday from now until June 2nd, we’ll post a new article explaining that week’s part of the Journey. Download the worksheets and keep a private journal as you go to get the most of the experience. We’ll motivate you along the way to reach your special, personal goal.

How can I be more involved?
We encourage you to follow along with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, where we’ll be tracking the journey using an exclusive hashtag: #PSJourney. Look for the hashtag and use it to share your experience with us. We really want to know how you feel about the Journey. Do you feel supported? Inspired? Stuck? We’ll provide positive affirmations and help answer your questions. Want to share your support and experience with others on social media? You may even find that your fellow travelers celebrate your progress on social media as well.

Ready, set, go!
The rest is up to you. It’s not an easy task defining yourself, including your dreams and goals. “What makes me happy?” is a question we’re all looking for the answer to. That’s why, with the help of Psychic Source, you can finally find the answer. You won’t be alone on your journey. We are with you, in tangible and intangible ways. It’s our collective journey, and we are so glad to be traveling with you.

Check back next week, Monday 4/14, for 25 questions to help you define yourself.

UPDATE:  Did you miss the Journey of Self Discovery? No worries! Here are the links to each week, in order. Good luck and don't forget share your experience on the Psychic Source Facebook and Twitter.

Week 2: 25 Questions
Week 3: Wheel of Life
Week 4: Goal Planning
Week 5: Visualization

Week 6: Identify Roadblocks
Week 7: Positive Affirmations
Week 8: Wheel of Abundance

Week 9: Self-Evaluation

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PsychicSource: Hello missgoldendiva! Thank you for your interest in the Journey of Self Discovery. We've updated this article to include links to each step/week. You can follow them at your own pace and share the content as you see fit. The information will be kept on our site for anyone at any time to reference. Best of luck!

missgoldendiva: its almost July 2014 and I would be so grateful if you could offer this journey to self discovery again!?!? i just stumbled upon it and from what I have read it is has everything I would need to discover myself again. I thought it was meant to be but than I realized it was expired:( I think this is/was a great idea and if you will offer this exact same free program I can help toy ! I have over 700+ followers on instagram my screen name is sgold77 and over 900 people who follow me daily on my social media sites. If you can make what I asked happen I can help people who are sad or just need how to cope with things better-get this they will all be connected by a link that will take them right to your website! to your site! Here is what I will do for you o my end(for nothing accept to have you put this life journey workbook back up) 1- I will put your site on my favorite site page on FB 2-I will notify all followers on the benefits of you site and that I have started my own journey of self discovery 3-every chapter I complete or every two weeks I will put an update on my status on my timeline reminding everyone how they can discover your other stuff provided by a link to you webpage . for some reason I am really blowing up right now as an actor and print model so everyone wants to know what I am doing. I am asking nothing from you except you bring those special articles back. Take it or leave it! I wish you all nothing but love,happiness and and the strength to continue helping others. If interested please go to my Facebook web page not my fan page because i do not believe it allows you to message me this one catherinestephaniegold Thank you me

PsychicSource: Hi donnalee! A hashtag is used on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to group topics together. If you search for #PSJourney in the search box on any of those social media sites, you can see anyone who has posted anything about the Journey of Self Discovery. We hope you're following along!

donnalee: HI would like to follow. However what is a hashtag

crystalrose: Hi 'm hoping this will help me find myself.

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