Journey and Destiny of Souls by Psychic Mackenzie

Published Date 10/3/2018
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

The soul journeys through many lifetimes.

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Understanding our past life is important to our future.  By discussing past lives and how the soul journeys through time, it will help us know what our current lives mean. Exploration and wishing to learn more about the past and the future is life-changing. Our well-being and general outlook on life will be more peaceful when we understand where we've been and where we are going.

All matter consists of energy, and the soul is no less right? Is it reasonable to believe our soul lives on in some way? As we learn in high school physics, energy must go somewhere and cannot be eliminated. Citing real evidence and data on what energy is can help us see the possibility of our past and future life.

Beliefs of the Afterlife
Respected religions and religious doctrine center around the fact that we live on into another more perfect life in the hereafter. Some feel convicted and convinced we are born-again or resurrected in some way and or our soul goes somewhere. It's also a strong belief for others, we are reincarnated in another form or presence.

It's a wonderful feeling being open-minded to all thought.
We can develop our own interpretation of what it means to us to have lived before, and whether we will live again. Knowing that most of the world believes in one way or the other that the soul and/or spirit lives on helps us stay reassured that life wasn't purposed for nothing.

Evidence of Past Lives
To fill or consume happiness, mankind has been on a literal journey in determining where the soul has been and where it's going. The mere thought of another life, forever being able to be with the ones we love while in this life, is comforting.

Would you like to learn more about how the soul journeys through many lifetimes, and who the people are now in your life were then, and who they will be in our future?

I had an interesting conversation with Avalone x9112, another advisor on Psychic Source, who has said, and I quote "The reason we choose to reincarnate is that we still have earthly spiritual lessons to learn on this planet before we can exist on other planets. It may have been we were once a writer in a past life and we choose consciously or subconsciously to write again. No one we meet in this life is by chance, they are all someone we've known in a past life, and we work continuously throughout our many lives to resolve issues and to continue on toward peace."

If you would like to learn more about past lives, or where you're going in this life with a situation, a relationship or career, contact one of our spiritual advisors now for a lively conversation and to find peace and predictions that will guide you toward success. 

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