Is Our Fate Set? by Psychic Brenda

Published Date 9/13/2018
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Your fate is never truly decided in advance.

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As a tarot reader, I feel a certain responsibility to talk about the topic of Fate. A lot of customers come to their readings with an idea that the cards will show them an immutable destiny, but it is simply not true. The oracles are just tools to show us previsions, possibilities and ways that with our free will we can decide to follow or not, according to what the oracle showed as a conclusion. 

Types of Oracles
There are several types of oracles, I work with the Gipsy Cards, Mythic Tarot, Osho Zen Tarot and Orishas Tarot. The Gipsy Cards are a very good tool to clear daily doubts. It is a dynamic oracle which can preview the possibilities of a recent future. However, it does not go deep into the psychological aspects of the customer. The other tarot cards help us to understand some deep psychological aspects of our client and of the people around him or her. It can help us understand why some actions were or will be taken. 

Your Fate Has Not Been Decided
About fate, I can tell you that it is not fixed and immutable. We weren't born with a closed package of happenings. We are born with unconscious memories of our past existences and they can influence our behavior in our current existence. 

The unconscious memories which we bring from our past interpersonal relationships can generate what we call karma. Karma can be positive (Dharma) or negative but I will talk about that more another time.  In this article, I would like you to understand that the possibilities present themselves in our lives and it is our will to decide what path is the best one to follow. Our actions are not predetermined by a Higher Being, we are not puppets from The Universe and that is a fact! 

I hope I helped clarify some common misconceptions about the idea of Fate, please feel free to contact me to further explore this subject with a Psychic Reading.  

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billyb: I agree that we have free will. But even that free will most of the time is compromised as we worry about what others will say or do when we execute it. Then we will not to pursue that will. Consequently, we lost that free will. Also, I believe executing our will won't necessarily give us the outcome we desire. For example, it is my will to try out for a basketball team because I want to become a player in that team. I turned that will into action. I tried out but failed to make it. Another example is a guy who desire to have a romantic relationship with a particular single lady. He willed to pursue her and he did. Unfortunately, she said no. See, both of these outcomes are beyond our control. I think this is what people referred to as Fate. If the outcome has to be that way, then no amount of freewill will alter it. It's like it's already set in stone.

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