Is It A Sign? by Psychic MaryJane

Date 1/22/2021
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"I started to see hummingbirds everywhere."

"I started to see hummingbirds everywhere."

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Is that hummingbird in the window for you? If the first thought that pops in your head is yes... then it is a sign! If we overthink things, (you know our brains like to do this) we start to exert energy in doubt.

I am guilty of this. 

Are You A Sign Doubter?

I would see a sign, let's say a cardinal outside the door. My heart would jump, and I would think it is a sign from my father! He sees me and is saying hello! If I then told the story to someone and their reaction was not as enthusiastic because… "Well, it is that time of year I see cardinals everywhere" or something like that, you would do two things:

  1. Doubt your sign
  2. Have some animosity brewing in the friend you know refer to as "The Sign Doubter."

I remember seeing a hummingbird shortly after my mom passed. I was exalted! This is a sign from her! I then realized that my neighbor had hung a hummingbird feeder. My heart sank. I felt silly and dismayed. Then, something magical happened. I started to see hummingbirds everywhere. On the fifth floor of a building, standing in the street talking to a neighbor who said I've never seen anything like this.... you have not one but TWO hummingbirds over your head. I couldn't even keep track of all the times I was seeing hummingbirds in odd places. So, perhaps that initial doubt is good because it will allow you to get to a point where you will just smile and say, "Hello Mom" and go about your day.

A Sign Just For You

If I see a license plate and am utterly thrilled because it is specific for me and my heart races and I am filled with hope and joy. I savor the moment. I do not necessarily share it with everyone. Especially someone who may be a sign doubter. When you know it is a sign for you, you just know.

The spirit world is not immune to this, in fact, I think it makes them work harder to show you your signs. Eventually you will be so confident that the sign is for you that no one can damper your spirits! (Pun intended!)

Ask for the signs. From Sunflowers, to cardinals, hummingbirds, or something very specific like maple syrup, a peacock, a red feather. Think about something personal that connects you to your deceased loved one. What sign would you like to see from them? The sky is the limit. Ask them for signs and revel in the magic of it all.

Embrace those signs and embrace life!

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