Inviting Angels into Your Life to Help Along Life's Journey by Psychic Judy

Date 7/29/2020
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Open your third eye to connect with Angels and Oracles

Open your third eye to connect with Angels and Oracles

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Are you feeling lost, alone, confused, or afraid? Do you know you can find help and comfort with some of these deep emotions by tapping into Angels and Oracles? They can assist you in many ways to help heal your heart and send that to other parts of your body. They can also provide wisdom and insightful counsel along with future predictions. Their ability to connect with you comes in a variety of ways, so let’s explore together and create comfort within by inviting angels into your life.   

Tapping into Your Personal Angels and Oracles 
You may be asking yourself how this is possible at a time when I’m feeling so lost and alone. Well your Angels and Oracle are truly helping you all the time, even if you are unable to feel them actively working. With practice and perseverance over time you will feel them assisting you on your journey. You may even decide that the comfort you find is unlike any other experience you have ever felt before. 

Connecting Via Meditation
To communicate with your angels and oracles you may find it helpful to form a regular meditation practice. When going into meditation it’s helpful to sit or lay down in a quiet space. Begin to let your feelings flow to create peacefulness within. Envision one of your favorite calming scenes such as: a running stream, gently moving ocean waves, or the light of a flickering candle burning bright. Listening to music or the use of one of your favorite mantras may be helpful as well. This may take some commitment and practice, don’t become discouraged. No matter how easy or hard you may find it, just know your angels and oracles are effectively active even if you are unable to feel them at first.

Opening Your Third Eye
Many Angels and Oracles are found when you enter the angelic realms with the assistance of your mind’s eye, commonly known as our Third Eye Chakra. It’s important to open up and call upon your Angels and oracles. You may also find comfort in asking for the assistance of your chosen higher power to reach your Angels and Oracles. You will find it to be very helpful if you can leave behind any critical judgments or negative feelings about yourself and others. Creating thoughts of love for yourself and everyone around you will also help you connect at a very deep level. Surrendering everything well be a very helpful tool in receiving assistance on your journey into the realms were answers and profound healing can occur. Let go of everything that is not of love and invite the wisdom to be provided to create happiness and joy into your life. Remember to let go of fear as much as possible so your angels and oracles can give you the wisdom and healing you deserve. 

Angels and Oracles Are All Around
You may be wondering do my Angels and Oracles connect with me in other ways besides reaching out to them through meditation? Yes, they have several ways of connecting with you. In fact, they will find ways to help you throughout the day and their angelic help can be infinite and unlimited. They are joyously happy to give you help to assist you in your journey. Some of the physical signs involved may be goosebumps or a slight breeze brushing past you or a buzzing in your ear. You may even feel an overwhelming sense of love pouring in on you. Some people experience an unexpectedly beautiful smell and don’t know where it is coming from or a taste of sweetness in their mouth.

It’s very helpful to pay close attention when these things are occurring because your Angels and Oracles may be trying to help calm you down if you are having a stressful day or when your emotions are running high. They may even be warning you about a person that may not have your best interests at hand. Try and pay close attention to the different times of the day this happens to you because you may be surprised how much comfort it can bring.   

If for any reason you are having a hard time after using some of these tools please know that several advisors right here on Psychic Source are here for you to help assist you in connecting to your Angels and Oracles. We also would love to create understanding and comfort in any way possible by bringing clarity to any of the ways you may already be receiving messages from your Angels and Oracles.   

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