Interpreting Signs from the Universe by Psychic Billie

Published Date 5/4/2018
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Your Angels communicate their messages in a variety of unique ways!

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We are always receiving signs from God, the Universe and/or our Angels in answer to our questions. Sadly, we are not always AWARE that we are receiving said answers. This is because most of the time the answers are encrypted - for example, you are talking to God or your Angels asking if you are in the relationship that's right for you and when you next turn on the radio, or TV, there is a song or show pertaining to either love or a break-up currently playing, and that would be your answer. Or, you notice a billboard while driving with a sign reading the words BELIEVE or TRUST in giant letters, which also serves as an answer to your question. 

Ingenious Responses
If you are not open to all forms of communication, you might walk right by these messages oblivious that you are being spoken to. Thus, when you ask God for help, you should always be open to ALL methods of communication for your answers, because They respond in ingenious ways. The same can be said if you are considering taking a trip but unsure as to whether to do it or not, and upon expressing your doubts on this trip, you receive an invitation or financial gift making said trip possible. That is another example of a sign because by receiving said invitation or gift, you are being told to go on the trip and have a great time. 

My Personal Message
Let me give you a personal example: when my daughter was born, I had severe post-partum depression but had no idea what it was, having never heard of it. I thought I was losing my mind. I began to pray to God to help me because I didn't know what was going on and was beginning to get frightened. Two days later, I had just nursed my daughter and decided to sit in front of the TV and simply began to channel surf. I came across a documentary on the very subject of post-partum depression and realized that I had every symptom they were describing in the segment. I was SO relieved! I immediately said, "Thank you God for now I know what is wrong with me and I can begin the healing process". My symptoms went away within the next couple of days because I was able to follow the advice of the doctors on the show and I was able to enjoy my daughter to the fullest and no longer thought I was losing my mind.

Pay Attention
So, you see, when you ask God, your Angels or the Universe a question, you need to be open to your answers coming via any of these types of communications - ie: after you ask a question, pay attention to the song that comes on the radio or the show that comes on TV immediately thereafter as that just may be the answer you are searching for. In this way, you are truly paying attention to the signs and your life will begin to flow in miraculous ways because you begin to "hear" the answers from God, the Universe and/or your Angels whom do not speak to you in human form, but They DO speak if you are open and able to "listen".

Many Blessings and Happy Listening.  

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ohiogal44: Billie, I love your article about hearing from the angels, etc. I get these 'coincidental messages" or ' synchronicities" when I ask for help...I have to be in a calm place, helped by meditation, sleep and eating right. I love when I get those 'ah-ha' moments, when I need help. You did a beautiful job of explaining how this all comes about.

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