I've Been Alone for Over 15 Years: What I've Learned

Published Date 11/25/2015
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Embrace the single life! It's an opportunity to do what you love most.

Being single is a rewarding experience. In fact, many people who have been single for a long time prefer the single life over having a partner. Here is what I've learned being single for more than 15 years.

Having a Partner Does Not Define You

How many people do you know who need someone by their side to feel whole? No one should need another person to feel complete. In fact, unless you are happy in your own skin without a partner, finding a lasting relationship is difficult. When you're in a relationship, there are three parts: you, your partner, and the combination of you and your partner. Being solo will define who you are so you can keep the "you" part if you decide to enter a relationship.

You Have Freedom to Enjoy Things You Love to Do

The freedom you enjoy as a single person is liberating. You never have to wait for someone else. If you want to leave for a few hours or a few days, you can do so at any time. If you feel like having Italian for dinner, you don't have to ask anyone else if they want the same. Your time is yours to do as you please. You can catch a movie, shop, or spend the evening seeking guidance from a phone psychic. Whatever your heart desires is within your reach on your time.

Being Single Does Not Mean You're Afraid of Love

Being single is a choice, not a destination. Just because you are without a partner does not mean you are afraid to love or cannot be loved. Instead, it means that you choose to enjoy life on your own terms. If the right person comes along and fits into your lifestyle, you may decide to choose differently. Choosing to be single only means that at this time in your life, you choose to fly solo. Someday, if something changes, you may choose differently.

If You Are Single, Travel Solo

If there is one piece of advice to offer a fellow single person, it is to travel solo. Traveling solo opens up new possibilities. You face obstacles you would never have faced in a routine life. That strengthens you mentally. Also, you have the opportunity to experience new cultures and unique landscapes that you may miss traveling in a group. There is nothing more peaceful than meditating on a mountainside where nothing surrounds you but nature.

Being Single Makes You a Better Leader

When you face life on your own terms, you learn to work through problems and build the confidence in yourself that leaders need for success. Single people make great leaders because they are more in tune with making good decisions. Seek guidance from an online psychic for finding the path that helps you best grow for reaching your full potential.

Whether you are single for a year or 15 years, embrace the single life. In the end, you will better understand who you are and what you want out of life, which makes you a better person.


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