How We Embody the 12 Psychic Archetypes

Published Date 5/25/2017
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Those who fit into the explorer archetype often challenge themselves to find authenticity and growth by putting themselves in new situations.

The psychic archetypes are based on the Jungian archetypes and might change based on how we feel about our current situation. The 12 Jungian archetypes come with different goals, fears, flaws, and virtues.


Explorers want a life of authenticity, growth, and joy. They fear getting trapped in unhappy life circumstances that cause them to conform. Weakness comes from having high standards, but explorers can turn that to a virtue by being true to themselves.


Altruistic caregivers devote their lives to loving others. Fearing selfishness and ingratitude, these people seek to care for and protect. Don't fall prey to feeling like a victim--caregivers can also be very sensitive.


Those who fit this archetype look for happiness and idealistic life situations. They fear punishment for bad behavior and so always strive to do the right thing.


Healers, inventors, and geniuses are ways to describe people who fulfill the magician archetype. They want to discover universal laws that turn desire into reality. Fear of rushing into something can hold magicians back, so if you fit this archetype, consult with a psychic hotline to make sure you can progress.


A true believer in that one consuming love, someone who fits the lover archetype longs for intimacy and a life shared with a loved one. Lovers fear being disappointed by someone they believe in or not being loved enough and risk losing their individuality to prove they're worthy partners.


Often described as a leader, rescuer, or warrior in addition to hero, people who fit into this archetype value courage and the drive to improve the world. Their greatest fear is being vulnerable, weak, or cowardly.


These comedians have joyful dispositions and believe in living life with pleasure and fun. Fearing death and boredom, jesters should seek balance.

Nice Guy (or Girl!)

These people are often afraid of being left out, so they strive for commonality instead of individuality to feel grounded. Their strength arises from their realism and empathy.


The rebel, on the other hand, fears being powerless and believes rules are meant to be broken. These nonconformists look for excitement, which can be a positive when they're balanced, but can also lead to crossing boundaries and causing hurt.


Leaders and role models, people who fit into the ruler archetype crave excellence and control. This can help rulers achieve, but they also run the risk of becoming pushy or making others feel like they're not worthy.


These people believe life is about knowledge. They seek a universal truth and are inquisitive and intellectual. Sages should be careful not to overthink things and postpone acting. A psychic phone call can help you avoid that if you fit into this archetype.


People who fit this archetype know that if they can dream it, they can do it. Highly artistic and imaginative, creators want to create value and beauty in everything. Perfectionism or losing hope can be their downfall, though.

The Jungian archetypes have different strengths and weaknesses, and learning where you fit at a given time can help you achieve in ways that work for you.


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