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How to Utilize Your Assigned Angels by Psychic Arielle

Date 2/26/2016

Do you know how to connect with your angels?

Do you know how to connect with your angels?

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As a Psychic reader for over 20 years, one of the questions I hear often is, “How do I activate or utilize my angels?”  Everyone has angels but not everyone is aware of how to gain a personal relationship with their assigned angels. 

The amazing answer is that it doesn’t take psychic ability to connect with angelic forces. The only thing that is required to develop a relationship with your angels is dedication and desire. Your angelic guides crave to work persistently on your behalf and will not interfere with free will.

How to Activate Your Angels 
Activating your angels could take less than 3 minutes if you have a strong imagination. Sit in a comfortable position and direct your imagination to a peaceful environment of your choice. Don’t worry yourself if the vision fades in and out. It will take practice to hold the vision for longer periods. 

Once you feel comfortable ask your angels to join you as you visualize a small white ball of light. As you visit the angels throughout your life you will notice the light growing over time. You can make contact with the light for a few seconds or a few hours, activation is never time consuming. 

Developing a Relationship
Asking your angels to assist you with finding the right gift or baking a delicious cake is a perfect way to develop a personal relationship. Small things will allow you to learn more about the way in which your angels respond. There’s no request too big or too small. Think of your angels as individuals when asking for support. A simple gesture for assistance will allow your angels to work on your behalf. 

There are three groups that include nine different types of angels. These groups are also known as choirs however; each angelic being is assigned to distinct responsibilities.

First Sphere - Servants of God
1. Seraphim: Known to serve the caretakers of God’s throne 
2. Cherubim: The keepers of extraterrestrial records known to guard the throne of God
3. Thrones: Living symbols of justice and authority not a spiritual being but a material being 

Second Sphere - Guides and Rulers of the Spirits 
1. Dominions: Regulate the duties of lower angels. 
2. Virtues: Maintain the natural world and may appear as sparkle white lights.
3. Powers: Warriors that oppose evil spirits and evil doers. 

Third Sphere- Messengers and Protectors to Humans 
1. Principalities: Guide and protect nations and large groups. 
2. Archangels: Guarding of humankind as a whole. 
3. Angels: The most recognized and utilized for personal life.

Names of Seven Archangels 
• Michael- Protection
• Raphael- Healing 
• Gabriel- Strength
• Uriel- Light 
• Chamuel- Pure love
• Jophiel- Art and beauty
• Raquel- Justice 

The Bottom Line
Prayer can create miracles, however prayer is not the same as utilizing the angels sent to assist you in the natural world. It is more effective to pray for the will of God and to consult your angels for earthly desires and personal fulfillment.  

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