How to Turn your Luck Around by Psychic Abraham

Published Date 3/7/2017
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

What can you do to turn your bad luck around?

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They say insanity is doing the same thing over-and-over and expecting a different result. When I started my Karmic Counseling practice, this statement rang true after I discovered two things:

1. Most people desperately want change

2. Most people are terrified of change -- especially when it's thrust upon them

Needless to say, these conflicting attitudes explain why so many of us end up being stuck. When people come to psychics, they want assurances and happy predictions for the path they’re on. In many cases, I can oblige. But if a client is stuck, they're counting on luck to turn things around. 

How Luck Actually Works
Every part of your life has been molded by seemingly random choices and events. We refer to this sequence as fate or luck. Think about it: your job, home, friends, and relationships wouldn't exist if you weren't in the right place at the right time. 

Ever notice how some folks are always lucky, while others only experience misfortune? These patterns indicate a person's karma. Despite what you've heard, karma isn't good or bad. And it has nothing to do with punishment -- even if it feels that way. Rather, karma is a major life lesson that hasn't been learned. And until it's absorbed, you're gonna attract the same patterns again and again.

Patterns of Karma
We see these karmic patterns in people who go from one volatile relationship to the next. Or those who power struggle with every boss. Or others who inevitably feel disappointed by everyone they get close to. These people aren’t cursed or doomed. Instead, a blind spot is blocking their karma.

When I do Karmic Counseling sessions, the Tarot identify these blind spots. From there, we can also determine the cause of the negative pattern; identify unhealthy core beliefs, subconscious defense mechanisms, and illusions that are feeding this cycle; and find new ways of doing things that will end these destructive patterns once and for all.

I’ve Got Good News and Bad News
The bad news? You're the mastermind who unwittingly created every aspect of your life -- including the negative. So please stop blaming God, fate, your childhood, and your ex for all your misfortunes.

The good news? By owning your karma, you'll become an empowered mastermind who can turn their life around and find true happiness. Best of all, you'll come to see the bad luck that's led this epiphany as a message or gift from a loving Universe that wants you to grow. 

Never forget: adaptability is the key to evolution for all species -- especially humans! Karmic Counseling can be intense and extremely rewarding, so please be gentle with yourself during this healing and life-changing process.
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