How to Turn a Bad Situation into a Good One by Psychic Source

Published Date 9/4/2013
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Sometimes the most you can do is make the best of every situation.

Sheila's coworkers thought she had the perfect life. She always arrived early, dressed perfectly, with a broad smile on her face. If someone had a rough time, she brought them treats. When anyone gave her something, a thank-you note was waiting when they got back.

They never guessed what Sheila's real life was like. Ten months after delivering her beautiful daughter, her second child was born severely handicapped and not expected to survive. He faced hundreds of medical procedures.

Her husband worked long months away from home, leaving the bulk of responsibility to her. Sheila's life was far from easy, so what did she know that we don't?

Keep Your Cool
A bad situation tries to rob our number one defense: our cool heads. If you immediately blow up when something goes wrong, you've killed your chances of turning it into something good.

It takes a lot of practice to get to this point, but it is possible. If you use the best psychic, this process could be sped up exponentially.

The next time you have a flat tire, or get news about upcoming layoffs at work, practice keeping your calm. Focus on others instead of yourself, and see how different things are when you maintain control over your emotions.

Learn Your Lessons
One of the best ways to turn bad into good is to learn a lesson from each situation. No, it won't change what happened. But it will arm you for future trials. What can you glean from losing a job or failing in a relationship? Only you can know the mistakes that led to the situation.
Often, we didn't make a mistake, but there are still lessons to be learned. What could we have done differently? All of life presents us with learning opportunities, but it's up to us to get the message.

Stay Positive
Sheila's best attribute was her ability to remain upbeat, no matter what. Your attitude has more to do with the outcome of a situation than anything else. People with a positive attitude tend to get more help from others, and see the silver linings in those dark clouds.

Allow Yourself Adjustment Time
Never expect things to be perfect right after a major life setback. Give yourself some time to grasp what's happened, and allow yourself to heal.

Sure, you need to smile, but you can let yourself take a break, even if it's to soak in a bubble bath or read an inspirational book. Let time do what it does best: heal.

Tackle the Most Important Issues
When something bad happens, it tends to overwhelm us. Instead of thinking, "there are a million things to do!" step back and identify the truly important ones. Let the other issues go until you've dealt with the serious ones. An authentic psychic can help you with that. Then you'll feel a sense of accomplishment as you tie up loose ends.

Count the Positives
After a loss or setback, make a list of all the good things in your life. Do you still have a healthy, supportive network of family or friends? Have you kept your job? Do you still have your health?

Whatever good you find, write down and meditate on these things every day. It will be your light in the midst of darkness.

If things become overwhelming and you fear you're not able to cope, never feel guilty about seeking help. Even the strongest among us needs a shoulder from time to time. Speak with a trusted friend, or seek help from a psychic or professional counselor.

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