How to Strengthen Your Third Eye by Psychic Veronica

Published Date 8/10/2018
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How can you strengthen your Third Eye?

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So, you want to learn how to open that third eye and KEEP it open?  Awakening your third eye can lead to wonderful experiences and a deepened spiritual understanding of the world. 

I have a quick exercise that will cleanse your third eye chakra while and strengthen your ability to visualize! 

All you need is a candle, a quiet (preferably dark) room, and your time and energy. If you like, use this time to have a cup of tea or coffee.

Sit in a quiet place, dim or turn the lights off completely.  If you have a warm beverage with you, take a few deep breaths and take a drink. When you're feeling relaxed, light your candle and settle into your seat in front of the candle.

Focus on the flame of the candle and the warmth of the drink in your hands. Imagine your third eye opening. "See" the candle flame in your third eye and allow that energy to come down your body, through your arms and into your hands, into the cup of your warm drink. 

After a moment, take a sip and imagine that warm energy traveling back up to your third eye and project it back to the candle. 

Take this nice and slow and repeat a few times. Be mindful. Really taste your drink. Focus on beaming that energy to the flame and receiving it as well. 

Try doing this a few times a week and you'll see an improvement in no time! 

For more about your Third Eye, check out this additional resource:  Is it Dangerous to Awaken Your Third Eye?

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