How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Published Date 1/17/2017
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Turn comparison into inspiration!

We live in a Pinterest world. Whether you're scrolling down your Facebook feed or envying your best friend's grace in social situations, comparisons inevitably erupt. It's uncomfortable and unnecessary, so follow these tips to stop comparing yourself to others.

Find Your Strengths

A healthy sense of self-worth can stave off comparison. When you know your strengths, you don't feel compelled to measure up to anyone else.

Maybe you're a stellar communicator, a fast runner, or an accomplished pianist. Make a list of the things you do well and the qualities you admire in yourself.

Embrace Failure

Failure teaches, humbles, and inspires us. One failure doesn't predict a lifetime of disappointment; rather, it's a lesson in what doesn't work.

Before you compare yourself to someone, find out if he or she has ever failed. The answer is "yes." Everyone fails at some point, and embracing it will make your eventual success much sweeter.

Get Off the Internet

The internet has, in some ways, become a cesspool of perfect imagery and inspirational quotes. Other people's lives look perfect on Instagram because they're staged that way.

Behind the polished floors and smiling faces might await piles of laundry and overdue bills. You can't compare yourself to people unless you've walked in their shoes and know their full stories. An internet blackout can help you avoid the comparison spiral.

Turn Comparison Into Inspiration

When you turn your back on comparison, that doesn't mean you can't look up to others. Maybe your best friend has started his or her own business. Instead of comparing your 9-to-5 job to that person's successful venture, start planning your own future as an entrepreneur.

You might need guidance to help you separate comparison from inspiration. Turn to an online clairvoyant or clairaudient to help you find your own path.

Forget Winning

You can't win at life — no matter what Charlie Sheen might want you to believe. Instead of viewing every goal as a competition, think of it as a journey.

You're not racing for the finish line to beat everyone else. Instead, you're trying to generate the best possible outcome at a pace that agrees with your personality, gifts, and experience. Plus, you want to have fun along the way. Comparison leeches the fun from every milestone.

Eliminate the Buts

You might find yourself saying, "Wow, I finally ran 10 miles this morning and I feel great, but that guy who passed me a couple of miles back probably ran 20 miles."

That's a comparison mindset. To stop comparing yourself to others, eliminate the "but" from your internal monologue. Just say, "Wow, I finally ran 10 miles this morning, and I feel great!"

Build Confidence

Focus on developing your own confidence. Know that you're trying the hardest you can to succeed, then feel grateful for your accomplishments. If you practice confidence, you'll leave comparison in the dust.

Most people compare themselves to others at least on occasion. However, if you're chronically turning green with envy, focus instead on your own goals and achievements.


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