How to Move Through Your Fear

Published Date 7/30/2017
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Don't let your fear run your life.

Fear can paralyze you, especially when it occurs suddenly, and most of us are afraid of something. While fear is a natural human emotion, it can get out of control. If you're struggling with fear, you can use the following steps to diminish its effect on your life.

Confront Your Fear

If you're afraid of spiders, you probably shouldn't walk outside and pick up the nearest eight-legged creature. However, you can confront your fear internally. Maybe you're worried about getting laid off at work. Take a moment to own your anxiety. Say it out loud, share it with your online psychic, and decide whether the fear is rational or irrational.

Accept the Worst

Many people successfully battle their fears by coming to grips with the worst possible scenario. For instance, maybe you're scared of riding in elevators because you're claustrophobic and you're afraid you'll get stuck. If that happens, what's the worst end result? You might wind up stuck in the elevator for a while, but someone will eventually repair the problem and get you out. This is a great way to turn irrational fears into rational thoughts.

Create a Plan

After you've accepted the worst possible scenario, create a plan for it. What if you get stuck in an elevator? You probably carry a cellphone, so you can call 911 or the building operator to let them know about the problem. Decide that you'll try meditation, deep-breathing techniques, and other calming practices to get you through the situation. If you know how you'll respond to the thing that scares you, it becomes less powerful.

Acknowledge Your Fear

Suppressing your fear will lead to negative consequences, such as chronic anxiety and panic attacks. When you suppress emotion, you don't give it an outlet. Acknowledging and owning your fears, however, can help you to heal. You can examine the fear, better understand it, and figure out ways to avoid potential triggers.

Communicate Your Anxiety

Telling other people about your anxiety can also help you cope. Choose someone you trust implicitly, such as a parent, best friend, or spouse. Explain how you feel and what has triggered your anxiety. When you're living in constant fear, you can appear distant or even cold to those around you. Expressing your feelings will help loved ones understand what you're going through.

Additionally, they will know to avoid triggering feelings of fear or anxiety. Many people think it's funny to play practical jokes on those with phobias, such as putting fake snakes in their beds, but this behavior can make a phobia worse. Don't share your deepest fears with people who don't deserve your confidence.

Let Go

With the help of a trained telephone psychic, you can work through your fears in a confidential space. Once you've dealt with your fear, focus on letting it go so it doesn't continue to haunt your every waking thought. Remind yourself of your plan and your acceptance of the worst result.

The faster you let go of your fears, the quicker you can develop and sustain healthy relationships — both with others and with yourself.


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