How to Live a Happy Life

Published Date 10/24/2016
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Smiling, even if you aren't feeling happy, improves your mood and makes you more joyful.

Happiness is such an important concept, the United States Declaration of Independence identifies the pursuit of it as a basic human right. The question is this: How do you go about living a life that’s happy and fulfilling? Regardless of where you are in your career and relationships, you can take steps toward embracing a life brimming with happiness.

Improve Your Self-Care

Start with small changes that make a big difference in your physical health. Go to bed earlier, eat healthier by consuming less processed sugar, and make time for walks outside. With these simple changes, you should begin to feel better. Taking care of your physical needs with more rest, exercise, and healthier eating will lead you toward happiness.

Get Honest With Yourself

Once you’re meeting your physical needs, explore your emotional deficits. Talk to a therapist or online psychic to get help identifying destructive thought patterns. They may also have advice on how to develop a more positive outlook on the world. A 2013 article in Psychology Today uses advances in neuroscience to demonstrate how positive thinking shapes our emotions and helps us feel happier.

Pretend You’re Happy Until You Really Are

Though it may sound silly, you can benefit from pretending to be happy. According to a well-respected scientific study from 2012, an insincere smile is enough to diffuse stress and enhance your happiness. When you begin to feeling irritated at a stressful situation, smile, even if you don’t mean it. The physical act of smiling will begin to change your body’s response to the stress and move you toward happiness.

Try Something New

Your brain is wired to crave new experiences. Whether it’s a fresh Sudoku number puzzle, talking to a new phone psychic, or climbing a rock wall for the first time, you can stimulate your brain with new situations and challenges to create pleasurable feelings. Discovering new food and visiting a new place has a similar impact on your brain chemistry, helping generate feelings of happiness.

Don’t Demand Perfection

Placing unrealistic expectations of perfection on yourself and others is a surefire way to cultivate disappointment. No one’s perfect, and you have to learn to extend forgiveness when loved ones and even strangers fail to live up to your standards. By letting go of perfection, you give yourself permission to accept life as it happens, rather than fixating on how life should be. With this frame of mind, it’s easier to feel less anxiety and more joy.

Make Time for Mindfulness

One of the best ways to achieve happiness is to live in a state of mindfulness. Tune in to how you’re feeling and make adjustments to enable yourself to feel less stress and more happiness. By being in the moment rather than on autopilot throughout the day, you can appreciate more of the people in your life, especially those who make you happy.

When you pursue happiness with intentionality using these tips, you can find joy and live that joy daily.


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