How to Let the Universe Guide You by Psychic Aurora

Published Date 12/8/2014
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If you open your mind and heart, the answers you are looking for will be delivered.

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We hear people say to “let the universe guide you” but how exactly does one do that?

There are always signs around you, pointing you into the right direction. The question is, “How do you see them?”

The answer lies within.

Take the time out of your busy day and go inward—reflect on your situation and see what symbols show up during this meditation. Ask out loud, “What do I need to see that I’m not seeing?” Close your eyes and let your mind unravel. Soon symbols, words and sounds will fill your head. If you have trouble discerning what is noise from what is truth, take a minute, then attempt to connect to your higher self again, asking the same question, “What do I need to see that I’m not seeing?”

When you try to reach out to the universe, the universe always answers.

Sometimes there’s so much negativity—like a gray cloud hanging around you—that there’s no way for the universe to come and speak to you. Sometimes a sign can be a harsh and blatant crash into your life because that’s how hard the universe was trying to connect with you and couldn’t. Allowing time daily to open the window for the breath of the universe to come in allows for roads to open and signs to be seen. In doing so, you build a strong vocabulary with yourself and spirit. Always look for signs, and ask for them, to show spirit you’re trying.

Tips to Connect Daily

1. Clear a space in your home, preferably by a window to make sacred. Bring precious things that you hold dear and decorate an altar. Putting food and stone out as an offering helps spirit come and connect to you; this shows gratitude. Meditate by this altar.

2. Keep a daily journal. If writing daily is hard, try to do it least once every three days. If something extremely negative is plaguing your mind, write it down on a sheet of paper, then burn it. This helps relieve your spirit of negativity.

3. Sunlight keeps the mind right. Nature is nurturing, and most people have lost their connection to the earth. Make sure you go out and soak up sun daily—the sun is the strongest energy to clear you.

If you follow these steps, remain open to spirit, and ask for the guidance you desire, the universe will provide you with answers.


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