How to Know if It's Fear or Intuition Talking

Published Date 5/29/2016
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Learning to trust your intuition over fear helps you make the right choices.

When a little voice whispers caution in your ear, how do you know whether to listen? It could come from a place of fear and avoidance, or it might suggest that your intuition wants to warn you not to go ahead with a decision or change. If something tells you to back off your current path, knowing how to discern between fear and intuition on a psychic level becomes essential.

Fear Demands Your Attention

When your inner voice refuses to silence itself despite your doubts, you're probably dealing with fear and not intuition. Fear demands your attention because it's fighting for your survival; it tries to convince you that, if you stay on your current path, you won't survive the coming destruction.

Intuition, however, places a gentle hand on your back and guides you in the right direction. It suggests an alternative path instead of simply demanding that you halt because it operates from a place of love and knowledge instead of blind panic.

Intuition Gives You a Reason

When you feel the pull of intuition, you'll usually understand the logical reason behind your hesitation. Psychotherapist Christine Gutierrez recommends asking yourself, "Would my higher self be proud of me for taking this action or not?"

With fear, you will feel uncomfortable and anxious about every aspect of the decision. Intuition produces mixed feelings. You might feel apprehensive about your path but confident in the possibility of a positive result.

Fear Focuses on the Past and Future

Your brain tries to convince you to follow fear's guidance by reminding you of experiences in the past or piquing your reservations about events that might unfold in the future. Intuition, by contrast, keeps you centered in the present

Listen to your self-talk. Are you constantly reliving a painful experience or worrying about what might happen as a result of your decision? That's fear. If, however, you feel a nagging doubt about the present moment, you're probably encountering your intuition.

Intuition Doesn't Criticize

When your intuition guides you, it makes reaffirming and positive suggestions to your psyche. It doesn't tell you that you're stupid or reckless or incompetent for your decisions. When you start criticizing yourself, you're operating from a place of fear.

You'll notice, with intuition, that you're calm and logical. You feel centered and whole because you're in tune with your higher self. If you're listening to fear, on the other hand, you'll feel emotionally raw and on edge. You might feel pressured to make a decision now, whereas intuition gives you the time needed to process the facts.

Finding Your Intuition and Releasing Fear

If you're struggling with fear or if you don't know when to listen to your intuition, a consultation with an online psychic might help you find clarity. Talking about your conflicting emotions and hearing insight from an objective third party provides much insight.

Indeed, releasing your fear helps you hear your intuition more clearly. You'll develop an instinctive sense for when you should listen to that voice in your head and when you should ignore it.


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