How to Handle Stress in Your Life by Psychic Summer

Published Date 10/8/2015
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What has you stressed out?

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It’s no secret - stress is not fun.  It can have a negative impact on your physical and emotional health. It is important to learn to live a life that is not revolved around stress. There is no way to prevent stressful events from happening in your life, but there are ways to effectively handle those situations in order to properly deal with the stress. 

Control Your Worrying and Negative Thoughts
Worrying can be self-destructive in many ways. Worrying prevents you from living in the moment because you’re always consumed with past events or events to come in the future. One way to eliminate this type of stress is to try to focus on the here and now. If it is not something that can be fixed today do not spend your time worrying about it today. It is shown that up to 80% of things people worry about, do not end up coming to fruition. This type of unnecessary stress can ruin a person’s happiness and cause tension in their lives. 

Think Positive
It is important to take a small amount of time to do something each day that brings you enjoyment and peace. Find time to lose yourself in a hobby, listen to music that you enjoy, or practice meditation. It is important to get your stress under control. The more positive mindset you have, the more positive things you will draw into your life. 

Stress can cause physical and mental problems and weigh a person down. Think of a time in your life where you weren’t stressed out.  It’s OK if you have to go back a long time! Didn’t you feel more relaxed and happy?  Don’t you want to feel like that all the time! 

The bottom line is, there will always be stressful events in your life. How you handle stress is what counts. If you can look at the glass as half full vs. half empty and not sweat the small stuff, you will live a happier life than those who look at their life otherwise.  

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