How to Get What You Desire

Published Date 7/8/2012
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You bring into your life what you put out into the Universe. Think postive, receive positive.

The Law of Attraction states; like attracts like. More elaborately, you bring into your life what you put out into the Universe. Think postive, receive positive. Think negative, receive negative.

But what happens when you 'think' you are being positve and you receive negative?

Two possible answers.

1. The Universe has something better in store for you. OR
2. You didn't phrase your 'want' accurately.

The Universe desires us to be happy. So when we ask, or desire to attract, something positive into our lives and do not receive it we get frustrated and don't understand why? Prehaps one asks the Universe for more money and nothing comes from it. The Universe might be asked us to re-evaluate why money is important and directs us to examine a different part of our life before money can be received. Is the money for a better car than the neighbours? Or is it for groceries? If it's a better car, house, vacation, the Universe might ask you to pause and think about why 'things' are important to you. If the money is for basic necessities, the Unverse might want one to gain new skills to find other resources for these necessities and in doing so, the person might be offered an incredible job that will help pay the bills.

Simply saying to the Universe, “I want to be rich” isn't specific enough. Rich, how? Rich in friends? Rich in nature? Rich in time? Even the word 'want' is tricky. Saying, “I want one million dollars so I don't have to work and can retire to Fiji” will get you exactly that .... the WANT of money and retirement. Phrasing ones desires to the Universe takes precise examination.

Consider this, “Financial security and happy retirement come to me easily.”

This mantra will set free your 'wants' and clear the path to getting exactly what your heart truly desires to attract. 


by Sandra x8688

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