How to Find a Lost Belonging

Published Date 12/11/2013
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How to Find a Lost Belonging

In the Old West, ranchers and farmers whose land was suffering from drought would seek the help of dowsers. They were experts in finding water underground by scouring the land with an L-shaped branch or dowsing rod that would pull downward toward the earth when it found water under the surface.

Some say it had to do with technique, while others believed only a dowser with spiritual abilities was able to summon the power to locate water.

Dowsing is akin in some ways to remote viewing, a spiritual practice in which clairvoyants are able to focus on objects that are far off and summon information that will pinpoint their location. The focus of the search might be as mundane as a lost set of keys or something that has great sentimental or monetary value.

Of course, you could apply pure logic to such situations. Instead of worrying over a valuable lost object, you could relax to clear your mind and focus on your recent steps, search your memory for when you last saw the item and check in every location where the object could typically be placed.

Or, you could seek help from a medium who specializes in remote viewing. Such readings are different from other psychic work, which allows stray thoughts, sensations and feelings to come from spirit guides or the energy of the person who asked for the reading.

Often, the conclusion reached in psychic readings is unknown at the outset. In remote viewing, the end result - the lost object and its return - is known immediately. It's the connection between the seeker and the item that's important if the two are to be reunited.

Losing something that's precious to you can be disheartening, but it doesn't have to end that way. With guidance from a trusted medium who practices remote viewing, it could find its way back to where it belongs.


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