How to Clear the Energy Field to Feel Better by Psychic Maya

Published Date 6/19/2017
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Step in the shower and help clear your chakras.

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It is important to keep our spaces free of clutter. This includes our houses, automobiles, bodies, and our energetic fields.

You ever notice how good it feels to get rid of things that have been cluttering our space. That deep sigh of relief you feel after a good deep spring cleaning? It feels so good. This is the same for our energetic field. It is not an area that we are accustomed to paying a lot of attention to, but it when it gets backed up with sludge, it can cause us to feel foggy, drained, fatigued, moody, or just unsettled.

There are many subtle symptoms caused by a dirty chakra system that may go unnoticed. When we clear our chakra system, we are releasing old thoughts, emotions, and energy we have been holding, often from others. The results can feel subtle at first, but you will notice more clarity, connection, and a feeling of lightness.

You can use the high vibrational power of water to assist you in the clearing.

Start by standing in the shower. Imagine a cord dropping from your tailbone and reaching deep into the earth and into an aquifer.

Begin flushing any heavy emotions or energy down the cord and into the earth.

Ask the Earth to accept what you are offering by recycling it into light. Keep releasing any energy that isn't yours or that you no longer need.

Now, bring your awareness to your first chakra, right above the pelvic bone. Take your hand a couple inches from the body and scoop in a counter-clockwise direction three times.

You are opening and clearing the chakra. Now put your hand under the water and let the water take the energy down into the earth.

When this feels complete, place the opposite hand over the chakra with the other hand up to the sky palm up. Imagine light pouring in through the palm and out through the other hand, feeding the chakra with light.

When this feels complete, take the hand and wind up the chakra by spinning quickly in a clockwise direction three times (like stirring a drink with your fingertips).  Make sure the hand is a few inches from the body.

Repeat this process for each chakra.

As a reminder, the 2nd chakra is located just below the navel, the 3rd is just below the ribcage in the center, the 4th is in the center of your chest, the 5th is in the hollow of the throat, the 6th is between the eyebrows, and the 7th is on top of the head.

When finished, connect with the Earth energy and draw it into your belly. Let the water run into the top of your head, imagining a golden liquid light from Source filling all the spaces you've just cleaned out.

Draw the Source liquid light energy down into the body and all of your energy field. Then, let it swirl and pool in the belly with the Earth energy. Notice how you feel. 


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