How to Be Kinder to the Planet

Date 4/22/2018

Love the Earth

Love the Earth

If you want to take better care of the Earth but don't know where to start, Earth Day is the perfect time to take that first step. Try these six simple ways to be kinder to the planet.

Stay Hydrated With a Reusable Water Bottle

Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day is essential for staying healthy and feeling your best. That doesn't mean you should hydrate with disposable water bottles, though. Purchase a reusable water bottle that holds the right amount of hydration for you, and refill it throughout the day. If you're concerned about contaminants, try a bottle with a built-in filtration system.

Keep Plastic Waste Out of Your Lunch

Packing your lunch is a smart way to save money and make healthy choices every day. Don't let your lunch get bogged down with plastic waste, though. Portion your meals into glass or plastic containers rather than buying grab-and-go items. Instead of purchasing individually bagged snacks for your lunch, buy a large bag and divide it into smaller portions using reusable containers.

Shop With Your Own Food Containers

Buying whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds in bulk is a great way to eat healthy and save money. You can make buying in bulk even better for the planet by taking your own food containers along. Note that you may need to have your containers weighed before you fill them up, but that's a small price to pay for an eco-conscious shopping trip. Bring your own tote bags, too. Make a point of keeping them in your trunk so you'll never arrive at the supermarket without them.

Find a Carpool

Driving the kids to school or yourself to work every day might be convenient, but it can increase your carbon footprint significantly. A carpool is an eco-friendly alternative and finding one might be easier than you think. Ask around in your neighborhood to find others headed to the same school your kids attend or an office complex near your own. As an authentic psychic can advise, you might make a new acquaintance and lower your stress levels at the same time.

Reuse Rather Than Discard

Developing a recycling habit is easier than you might think. Start by placing recycling bins and necessary instructions where your family members can access them easily. Try making the recycling bin more convenient than the trash can so you'll be more inclined to reuse. As you get in the habit of recycling at home, you might find that it's easy to do the same at work and on the go, too.

Run a Paperless Household

Making the switch to paperless billing and online banking isn't just more convenient for you; it's kinder for the planet, too. Eliminating the vast majority of your bills and statements can reduce your paper consumption substantially. That helps save trees and keep the planet healthier for generations to come.

Making eco-friendly changes to your routine helps you be kinder to the planet, and it can help you be nicer to yourself, too. Talk with an online psychic about simple ways to treat yourself and the planet more kindly on Earth Day and beyond.


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