How Self-Perception Shapes Our Realities

Published Date 5/2/2019
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When you believe you're successful, your beliefs will drive your behavior, enabling you to achieve your goals.

From the time you’re very young, other people help shape how you see yourself. As you get older, your self-perception shifts as you gain more independence from your parents. Becoming an adult means owning your identity and being aware of how others see you. While you can’t control how people perceive you, you can change how you see yourself. Taking the step to redefine your self-perception can also help reshape your reality.

The Power of Perception to Shape Reality

There’s a saying that’s well-known among marketing and public relations professionals: perception is reality. How you view the world and yourself dictates your reality. If you believe all tall people are tiresome, then you’ll look for people and situations that affirm your perspective. Likewise, if you perceive that you’re terrible at math, you’ll behave as though this perception is true. Then, your self-perception becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Are you bad at math because you truly struggle with abstractions or does math feel challenging because you believe you can’t handle it?

Changing Your Self-Perception

Now that you see how self-perception shapes reality, you may decide you want to change it. Talking to a therapist, phone psychic, friend, or family member can help you understand how others see you. While you may not agree with everything they say, you can expand your view of yourself. You may discover you’re too hard on yourself for your shortcomings. Or, you may find that you’re chronically late, even though you think you usually arrive right on time.

In addition to talking to others to get a better understanding of who you really are, you can adjust your focus. If you’re always expecting yourself to overeat or encounter problems at work, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Instead, begin to expect success, positivity, and happiness for yourself and others. By shifting your focus, you change your perception, which in turn influences reality.

Using the Change to Improve Your Reality

When your beliefs about yourself improve, you empower yourself to become better. According to Dr. Juliana Breines, a psychology professor at the University of Rhode Island, your beliefs impact your behavior. When you believe you can succeed, you behave in a way that reflects your belief that you can overcome challenges and achieve your goals. Through a chat with a psychic online, you can identify the behaviors you want to change as well as begin shifting your self-perception to act differently.

Research demonstrates that when people believe they can make healthy choices related to food and exercise, they fulfill this belief by having a healthier lifestyle. There’s also data to support the idea that your beliefs influence how other people behave. When your self-perception leads you to act with more confidence, others perceive your attitude and respond to it in a positive way.

By understanding the power of self-perception to shape your behavior and how other people react to you, you can leverage this self-perception to have a positive impact on yourself and those around you.


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