How Can I Connect with My Animal Totem? by Psychic Jade

Date 9/1/2020
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Animals sometimes speak in symbols.

Animals sometimes speak in symbols.

Our animal friends and helpers are always around us, and you can connect with them easily by asking for them to assist you on your path or within a certain situation you are dealing with. It's also helpful to spend some time in nature or meditation where you can receive the connection and messages they are ready to give you. 

Missed Connection?
One simple method of asking for an animal helper is to take a moment to set your intent or request an animal guide to speak to you just before going to sleep, or just upon waking before you begin your daily activity. You may see them in dreams, or even get a visit in your waking life. The important part is to remain aware, and to watch for their appearance. Many times, they are trying to get our attention and we simply miss the connection. 

The Wisdom of the Animals
Each animal that visits you has a different type of healing and wisdom to impart. You can look at the animal's strengths and attributes to understand why that animal has shown up for you. Their strength is something you can draw on in your own life. They will sometimes be quite literal with their messages, and other times speak in symbolism. This is part of the magic of the lessons and assistance they bring. 

Build Strong Bonds
In time you will begin to recognize and interpret the meaning of your connections with our animal friends with greater ease and clarity. You will also be able to build strong bonds especially with your personal animal helpers. They will bring you unlimited amounts of assistance and support on your journey. You may also choose to honor your connections with your animal medicine beings by placing their pictures in your space, devoting time and energy to animal sanctuaries, and even by offering food and prayers to them. 

Highest Blessings!

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