How a Psychic Helped A Couple Find the Perfect Home by Psychic Zoey

Date 4/29/2018

How can a psychic help you find the perfect new home?

How can a psychic help you find the perfect new home?

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Kathy and Kevin were callers of mine for many years when they revealed to me that they were thinking of purchasing a home, and if I could help them in their pursuit. This led to an interesting adventure for all of us. Kathy wanted a home in the seaside area where she grew up. Kevin was willing to go along. Although I cautioned them that this would mean a huge transition for them, particularly for Kevin, a former New York City manager, the couple decided to go ahead and look for their dream home. 

It All Adds Up
Kathy would continually call with numbers and descriptions of homes. Using numerology and intuition, I would guide them toward the best location. They looked at home with numbers 24, 33, 11 and 415. 2+4= 6 (harmony, completion), 3+3=6 (completion of cycle of creation), 11=1+1=2 (double weakness or double strength, division). Finally, there it was 415=1+0=1 (finish, termination, completion). Of course, the numerological meanings weren’t the only thing to consider. But coupled with other facets, the choice of home would soon become clear.

Trust Your Intuition
Kathy would let me know over the phone each time they visited a home. She would carefully intuit her feelings and observations. For instance, after visiting one of the houses, she mentioned feeling queasy, uneasy, and anxious. Through her energies, my Guides could plainly see the spirits within this home were angry, and would make living there a challenge for the sensitive young woman. In another house, she felt unease at the layout, and the proximity of the home to the sea. Her husband Kevin, although a kind person was not as intuitive as his wife, and sometimes did not “get” what she was talking about. Admirably, he acquiesced to her feelings however.

Through the entire process, Kathy would consult me with each step she and her husband took. I, in turn, would consult my Guides for assistance. My Guides firmly told me that Kathy would find her dream home, and especially informed that she should, above all, listen to her intuition. Through each phone call, through each frustration, I continued to encourage her.

“The garage was falling apart. We just don’t have the resources to fix it and pay for this home…”

“I just felt something there…. something unpleasant… I just wanted to leave very quickly. So, we didn’t even go upstairs.”

Home Sweet Home!
Finally, they toured a house at address number 415. It was a medium-sized home with a beautiful light green exterior, and a welcoming white door leading to a just-right interior. Kathy told me when she walked inside, she instantly felt comfortable, secure, and “at home”. Perhaps it was the way the color filtered through the windows, perhaps it was the bright view of the ocean, but more than likely it was Kathy’s intuition that told her “this was it.”

The couple have now lived in this home for a happy seven years, and have no desire to leave it. As is typical in Kevin’s job, transfer is common. I informed them, I would gladly be there for them if they should need help in moving once again. 

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