Help Earth to Help Yourself: Give Back to Earth by Psychic Libby

Date 5/26/2013

Bring abundance to yourself by helping the planet!

Bring abundance to yourself by helping the planet!

Even as our economy has recovered a great deal (and I it believe will continue to do so) my heart goes out to those of you I speak with who are still struggling!  Many are still looking for work, have had pay cuts, only part-time work, need a chance to go back to school, or just need some improvement in life in general.

I always look extra hard to find every bit of help for these callers, both in their immediate situation and with general principles of abundance.  Given the fact that Earth Day has recently passed, I’m delighted to help share these abundance tips that can help absolutely everyone while helping the earth (which of course helps us again in turn).  Regardless of your income, energy level or overall situation, these can help!

These tips are different than the usual visualization/attraction methods.  Those are great, but many of you already know them. I’m giving these others because as anyone knows who has read with me, I find ways to help you create the life you want, not just the life that currently lies ahead.  We are always affecting our future, as tomorrow depends on what we do today and what we have done yesterday. You can always affect this for better or worse. I spend a lot of time noticing where you are in harmony and where your energy is flowing—or not flowing—because blocks in your energy get in the way of your abundance coming to you.  These tips will further help you receive blessings.

Many of you believe in manifesting, and you live the law of attraction.  Really, this law is in practice no matter what we do, just like the law of gravity.  It simply means that what we focus on, where we place our most heartfelt and sincere intent, will manifest in our lives.  One way or another it will show up!
Many work with this law to affect their abundance.  They become more aware of their fears and work to lessen them. They work to put their intention and heartfelt energy towards more positive outcomes.  They pray, meditate, and visualize.  And all of that is good.

But I would like to suggest something else that will work as well.  Something far simpler. All you need to do is love the planet!  This action too will come back to you, as a reflection of the law of attraction.  The planet gives us the material comforts we have.  When we give to the planet, it comes back to us, someway and at sometime.  It is a fast track to abundance.

So, you ask:  what on earth (no pun intended) does this have to do with Earth Day?  How exactly can honoring the earth affect my abundance?!  We’ll be answering that, and giving some specific steps to take, in the next two articles.  Stay tuned!  And meanwhile, go celebrate Earth at an event near you, at a beautiful park nearby or in your own back yard!  When we are grateful to our beautiful Mother Earth, it comes back to us in so many ways.
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