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Date 6/30/2023
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Psychic Raina shares her wisdom on how to celebrate Earth Day every day with eco-friendly suggestions and instructions for a ritual to honor Mother Earth.

EARTH DAY HAS BEEN CANCELED! ALL OF THE EARTH’S PROBLEMS HAVE BEEN RESOLVED. Climate change has been averted, everyone has access to clean air and the clean water... I wish I was starting this article like this.

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is the day that we celebrate the amazing gift that is our planet. We revel in the majesty of the vast landscapes, the oceans, forests, and mountains. We marvel at the diversity of the rain forests with its many animals and fauna. We are in awe of the soaring heights and size of the ancient redwoods. The earth is spectacular and the most precious resource that we have. This is also the day where we take stock and responsibility for conditions of our environment. We need to understand that we have precious little time left to avert a pending climate change disaster. We need act now to ensure that humanity will be able not only be able to survive but also to thrive.

That sounds dire, but, with the current path we are on “dire” may be too soft of a word. When it comes to the effects of climate change we are on a very dangerous trajectory. By 2030 its predicted that less than half of the world’s population of seven billion people will have access to clean drinking water. By 2065 the temperatures around the world will continue to rise making many places extremely difficult to live. On a global scale, things are already beginning to show the signs reaching irreversible tipping points. Think about it, if you have a baby right now in 2022, depending on where you live, your son or daughter on their 8th birthday maybe what they call a water refugee…. living in a place where there is no available water. Due to extreme droughts, California is facing a water disaster. That is not a place we have never heard of, it’s not a far-off country, it’s here in the USA. In the underdeveloped third and fourth world countries, the effects will be felt much sooner. BUT! We still have the power to change this and that is what Earth Day is all about, bringing awareness to the situation, and motivating each and every one of us to takes steps to enact necessary change. 

Start Making Changes Today

It is no longer an option to do nothing. What we do today creates the world of tomorrow. In the case of Mother Earth, we need to make some very strong choices TODAY this minute, right now. What is astounding is that these are not choices that will take anything away from us, but they will add a quality of life not only to ourselves but to planet and ensure that in the days, years and months to come there is clean water, clean air and a climate allows us to inhabit the planet for us and for our children. It’s no longer enough to think someone else will take care of it. We are that someone and we must act now.

The first place we can start to enact major positive changes is within our own homes. We can take inventory of what type of cleaning products we are using. Are they environmentally friendly or are they toxic for the planet? Are we recycling? Are we choosing to purchase products and foods from companies committed to Eco-goals? Are we wasting water? Do we take long showers? Use low flow shower heads or toilets? We can look in our closets, how we dispose of clothes, can we up-cycle or donate them? Can we walk to the store, carpool to work or work from home? These are all things we can do right now. Why should we do this? Well for one it’s our spiritual responsibility.

Living Enlightened Lives

I teach yoga and one day several years ago I had a light bulb moment. I was watching my yoga students after a beautiful yoga practice, full of incredible moments of connection and deep spiritual work, end their practice with folded hand and chant “Om shanti, shanti shanti” (peace, peace, peace), and then head off to lunch to a fast food restaurant to eat hamburgers. Hamburgers made from factory farming, which is a huge user and polluter of our water, a major source of greenhouse gases and not to mention the terrible, horrible conditions for animals. Only then, to return to yoga class the next day with no awareness of how their actions in and outside of yoga class were in direct conflict. They would sincerely pray for peace in class then go out the door and propagate violence to the planet, to the animals and to themselves.

No judgment, these were not terrible people. These were not hypocrites; most were wonderful seekers of truth walking their spiritual path. But many of them hadn’t made the connection between being conscious spiritually and living consciously. That is what we as spiritual people are being called to do, to take what we know and say about our enlightenment and then in turn to live enlightened lives, knowing that what we do directly affects the planet, nature, and all of its inhabitants, because we are all connected. Yoga means union and our union to Mother Earth is undeniable. And, what we do when we leave our meditation class, our Reiki class, our drum circle, or prayer group matters. How we choose to walk on the planet matters and for those on a spiritual path, it most certainly needs to matter to us.

We say it all the time, we are One. Earth Day is the call remember we are not just inhabitants of the planet, but we the stewards of it.  We are not separate from Her. Let’s pledge to do whatever we can do to make conscious choices about what we eat, what we buy, and how we live, to protect and heal our precious planet. Let’s choose to live simply, so others can simply live. Let’s pledge to make Earth Day, every day.

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*All facts listed in this article are UN stats.

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Psychic Raina clairvoyant, intuitive, certified medium and Reiki Master. Raina currently lives in an ashram in the Holy City of Rishikesh in the laps of Himalayas on the banks of the Sacred Ganges Rivers where she teaches mediation and nada yoga. Her days include teaching, spiritual study, feeding street animals as well as participating in ashram’s UN backed initiatives towards sustainable water, sanitation & hygiene as well as educational programs to provide to help marginalized women and girls.


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